What Do Women Think Of Men In Leather Jackets?

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Dantheman98 | 12:44 Wed 13th Apr 2022 | Society & Culture
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I recently started wearing a leather jacket to work and what I noticed is that female colleagues seem to stare at it, whereas when I just wore my other coat they didn’t give it a second glance. I didn’t start wearing it with the intention of getting female attention, it was just because I think it looks great. It’s like a late 90s/ early 00s style leather jacket that looks a bit vintage. I’ve also received complements from my students (I’m a teacher) saying they think it looks cool. Any female perspective on here would be great!


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why have you repeated this post?
Get some leather trousers as well then you’ll really attract some attention.
I think Dan reaLised adverts was wrong section.
Accept the compliments ( right spelling) & admiring glances with a smile
Question Author
I repeated the post because adverts was the wrong category like bobbin said
Ahh I see now, I thought you were desperate…
You say you didn't start wearing it with the intention of getting female attention and yet you are asking for a female perspective on it?
It would depend on other things I think as to whether or not you look good in it, but that probably applies to most clothes.
What I would say is, if you like it and feel comfortable in it, then wear it. It shouldn't really matter what others think.
Mr T has a leather flying jacket in which, as a younger man, he looked really good.

Now, it looks awful on him. Will he let me take it to the charity shop? Answers on a postcard please.
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Barsel- I’m asking because I’ve noticed them looking at it and it provoked curiosity within me
I don't approve of teachers wearing leather jackets, in spite of the fact that Ludwig Wittgenstein wore one at Oxford.
One of my daughter's teachers wore a Superman T-shirt at a parents evening trying to send out some sort of message, - he looked a total prat I thought.
Quite right, Khandro. Male teachers should wear baggy tweed jackets with elbow patches and sagging pockets
Everyone loved the Fonz, he was always surrounded by ladies
how old are you?
How were your female colleagues staring at it? Did they look lovingly at it or any other facial expression?

When I first started working I bought myself a leather biker jacket as they were all the rage back then (late 80s / early 90s) with Kylie, Bros etc. I wouldn't buy leather clothing now as I don't like the smell.
Depends on the jacket I suppose - I had an old worn leather biker's jacket that was comfortable & looked really cool. On the other hand a brown leather safari-style jacket was uncomfortable & looked naff.

I don't think either impressed the ladies!
oh - and veggie/vegan types will probably strongly disapprove.
Knowing what you look like Tigger I can easily imagine you looking super-smooth. Then and now, smell aside.
Lol Arky ;o)

I've got some photos of me in my ripped jeans a biker jacket from then which I could burn, lol :o)
Don't you dare photo's are always good for a laugh, even I had a Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) style mullet back then :-) Never tried the perm though ;-)
Question Author
The winner - I’m 24
they generally think they are gay.

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