Why Do Old Collegues Do This?

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Raidergal2022 | 00:26 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Society & Culture
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He left my trust 6 months ago as he didn’t like the way everyone around him worked (including me it seemed). He said I wasn’t on the ball and was carefree. It seemed he was a bit angry and I didn’t think I’d hear from him again

Anyway I decided to move jobs also and he texted me shortly after asking when I started and that it was great to see Id chosen to progress etc. He said we should meet for a catch-up

A week later he texted asking if I’d any spare gym equipment he could have - I’d mentioned in the past I had some for selling. He said he had no money so I just gave him some stuff I didn’t want.

He sent a message shortly after saying we need a catch-up but nothing transpired

2 months later I got a text saying ‘how’s things becky’. I sent a detailed message and he said ‘should have a coffee soon for sure’ I didn’t get much info on how he was doing.

A few days later he messaged asking if I’d seen his flask (he left it in the office I said I’d give it him but assumed he’d got another’

I said ‘sorry forgot it’s at home I can post it’

He said ‘keep hold please- good reason for a coffee’ I said let me know when you get time he said he will do

I don’t get it as he initiates the message then when I reply doesn’t reply back much

Do collegues like this want a catch up or not..


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Why Do Old Collegues Do This?

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