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joko | 01:06 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | Society & Culture
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just curious

is there a word to describe those particular moments on videos - any recorded footage - in which a very simple and basic action, movement, gesture, expression etc is particularly pleasing to the eye, or very aesthetically pleasing?

its always something simple & ordinary, and not things that are deliberately intended to be spectacular.

Things like, for instance, the way someone moves their arm or leg, or simply turns round, or smirks etc - but it just that one time, thats its memorable.
Theyre actions that theyve done 1000s of time before, but theyve gone unnoticed those times, as theyre ordinary in reality, but just that one time that its captured on film & its just extra extra great to look at.

the sort of snippets editors choose to make film trailers, or what people use to make gifs.

is there a word to to refer to that 'sensation' of really enjoying that experience, the emotion of it?

(its hard to describe really as you can see, but i hope you understand my meaning)

thanks :)


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^^ ignore that
Pivotal moment, defining moment??
frisson ?

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Word For A Particular Thing/Experience

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