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I s it a young Blakey from on the buses?
No, not my type.
Handsome no, but very attractive. Lovely kind face. The sort of young man I would be attracted to if I was young.
No...but he's got kind eyes.
No. He is quite ordinary looking.
No looks like Ed Sheeran
Just a very pleasant amiable face, with kind eyes. In think he looks more like Chris Martin than Ed Sheeran, but both have nice faces.
He's OK. Not particularly my type, but the sort of man I'd chat to to find out more about him.
Not my type at all but seems pleasant enough.
Is the boy friend?

Good luck.
I couldn't kiss it.

He's not unattractive, need to know more about him to make any further comment.
Bad photo to get a judge from
I'm sat here laughing my socks off now trying to remember where that phrase came from, "Could you kiss it?"

I used to ask myself that question when doing online dating. There were always more nos than yeses.
who would take a photo like that though looks like a mug shot

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