Ethics Vs Helpless Situation/Survival

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LONEWARRIOR8574 | 20:37 Sun 21st Nov 2021 | Society & Culture
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I have a question related to my ethics, please answer this question is killing me?

Ethics vs survival/helpless situation

Basically I'm born in vegetarian family and even I follow being vegetarian.. Even in my ideology I hate or get angry whenever people kill or exploit animals for food whenever I see content on animal exploitation I can't control myself I feel very sad and miserable on other side as the non vegeterians is food related I respect my friends opinion I never objected anyone opinion why do you eat non veg as we live in society we need to respect other feelings I always keep these opinions and feelings just inside me..

Since childhood I have a stronger and desperate desire to adopt a breed dog so last year I have purchased and adopted a labrador dog..before adopting I did a deeper research on Internet on raising a dog on vegeterian diet although I'm a biology/life science background guy knowing that dogs are canine being omnivore in nature but after watching some posts and videos I got a strong confidence that can raise my dog on veg diet... But soon after consultation with vet I had to change my opinion.. So being biology and life science graduate I have decided to feed on dog dry food but soon after my dog faced severe health issues which demanded me to even serve him non veg wet food now I'm feeding him 80% non vegeterian food and 20=% vegeterian food.i can't trouble my dog by feeding veg since dogs can't just survive on veg food.. I love my dog to peaks.. Without him I can't survive the. the real question inside my soul arises here..

I'm I diplomatic in my ethics..?? In order to save my dog im encouraging butcher to slaughter other voiceless creature I'm I against my ethics..?? I'm the person who hates animal exploitation and violence but at same time can't stop myself to feed non veg.. Please help me to go through this this is killing me literally..


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you CHOSE to have a dog, the dog didn't choose to be with you....therefore its your ethical duty to do your best by the dog regardless of what you want to eat.
20:43 Sun 21st Nov 2021
you CHOSE to have a dog, the dog didn't choose to be with you....therefore its your ethical duty to do your best by the dog regardless of what you want to eat.
oh and its not "killing you literally" otherwise you would be dead and not posting on AB
What do you value more. Your ethics or your dog. You can still be vegan and feed your dog what it needs to be your companion for life. If you were a JW would you deny your child a life saving blood transfusion to save its life. No brainer for me, feed the dog what it needs.
Maybe you need to come to terms with the fact that feeding your dog meat is what you NEED to do to keep it healthy. If that is the case, then the animals that died are not being exploited. They are serving a valuable purpose for which they are perfect.
I hope I'm not double-posting.
Get over it. Either have a dog and feed it well or don't have a dog. You seem to be taking yourself more seriously than other creatures (i.e. your dog).
You are not literally being killed by this, but you might literally kill your dog.
Your nickname doesn't inspire me with confidence in your true strength. You might like to see yourself as a lone warrior, but lone warriors don't have dogs, or women or friends.
Feed your dog properly or take it to a rescue centre.
You must do what is best for your dog and go with what the vet says.

Good job you didn't get a cat!
I can only agree with the posts to date.

If your personal choices are, ironically, causing harm to your dog, either adjust your ethics to allow you to be responsible for the dog you chose to own, or re-home it.

Visiting your views on a dumb animal by feeding it a diet that suits your concience rather than his stomach, is cruel.

Adjust or re-home, your choice - your dog doesn't have the luxury of your choice so do the right thing by him.
Ethics, very simply put, is that which does the most good and the least harm.

Ethically speaking, it's questionable whether you should have a dog in the first place.

Given that you now have, you need to weigh up the most good/least harm principles and figure out how they should play out. Some examples:

- give or sell the dog to somebody else
- have the dog put down
- feed the dog veg only
- feed the dog as little meat as possible
- feed the dog as most dogs are normally fed
Are you Buddhist? If you are remember you dog isn’t. You say this is killing you but you are in grave danger of killing your dog. He needs meat. Feed him properly.
A dog can survive on a Vegetarian diet but it may be complicated and take time to ensure that the diet is nutritionally balanced.

If you google your question there are many results . This one seems to be sensible.
Your dog is basically a carnivore. You don't have to feed meat - there are dried dog-foods (my dog calls them 'dry dust balls') which contain all the nutrients they need. Listen - we would not exist if we did not eat animals. It's how it is.
It's called the food chain. I do not rejoice in it - that's how it is. Without it we would not have meadows filled with cows or sheep etc..
Slaughterhouses do not necessarily have to be violent - that's your over-imaginative mind. A pig-farmer of my acquaintance sought-out a slaughterhouse where his pigs just snuffled around in a room until the CO2 gas made them sleepy unto death. I can't see anything wrong with that. Halal is a different question, I'm afraid.
Stop torturing yourself and your dog. You do what has to be done. The fact that I think you are a bit daft (only a bit) doesn't matter.

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Ethics Vs Helpless Situation/Survival

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