Brexit Good News Delayed

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Hymie | 12:25 Wed 27th Oct 2021 | Society & Culture
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Having posted threads detailing what a disaster Brexit has been for the UK (from the loss of billions of pounds in exports, to the loss of key-workers etc, etc); nearly two weeks ago I posted an extract from a letter in Private Eye, inviting other readers to list a single advantage of Brexit.

On receipt of my copy (of PE) today, I first turned to the letters page to read all the letters detailing the many Brexit advantages - I planned to post a précis of those advantages to fellow ABers.
I can report that there was not a single letter within the letters pages extolling the advantage(s) of Brexit – despite my estimate that there are at least 100,000 PE readers who voted Leave.


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Sovereignty, end of.
blue passports of course
fewer liberties and human rights
you know that makessense !
oh come on
that £500 m that goes STRAIGHT to the NHS!

it has to be true - Boris and the Nige said so !
I suspect we are about to see another outbreak of a recently identified condition, RBID!
As you have been told many times the advantages differ from person to person and the National advantages will be in the future when, like the vaccines, we are able to do our own thing. Without a crystal ball its not possible to list them.

I dont understand why you find this so difficult to get your head round.

You lost, get over it and help drive the country forward to a successful nation. Whining and sniping on the side-lines rather looks like you prefer to be in another country. The EU is still there, if you feel so strongly why didnt you make a move to an EU country when you could(Assuming you are not in one already)?
PE (a la Hislop) is overtly anti-Brexit. Maybe they had the letters and chose not to include them?
Half the country voted Leave, so it is fair to assume half of Private Eye readers voted Leave. So 100,000 is about right.
The magazine has an Editor, and his job is to filter the letters for publication. So the fact that none were printed, does not mean none were received.
The problem is that the VBQC only frame things in quantifiable measures. They seem incapable of comprehending that Brexit voters did not do it for the reasons that they would identify with. There first instinct is always to side with the foreigners and denigrate their own country.
"Whining and sniping on the side-lines rather looks like you prefer to be in another country". Nope it looks like you'd prefer your country to be successful in the modern world instead of descending into a morass of failure based on the delusions of the plonkers who unwittingly (half-wittedly?) have conspired to destroy it under the delusion of freeing it.
// "Whining and sniping on the side-lines rather looks like you prefer to be in another country"//

AB would be deserted without the whiners snipers and moaners
Better import another ship load of sour grapes!
I am slightly surprised, as it's an ill wind....

The tragedy of Brexit is that it's likely to benefit the wealthier and seriously disadvantage the people who thought they were taking back control of their lives when they voted for it.
Question Author
I would say that my estimate of 100,000 Leave voters reading PE to be on the conservative side.
The magazine has a circulation of 237k copies (Jan – June 2021), if you assume a readership of 1.5 per copy, the 100,000 number becomes closer to 180,000.
//Half the country voted Leave, so it is fair to assume half of Private Eye readers voted Leave. So 100,000 is about right.//

That's not a fair assumption at all. As mentioned, the editorial of PE is overtly anti-Brexit. Judging from the letters page, so is the readership, though of course that could be because of selective publication of letters. But I doubt it. Very often when reading PE I wonder if I am alone in the readership who voted to leave.

That said, the same question keeps being asked over and over again. The same answers are forthcoming. For my part, I'm not the least bit interested in the material advantages or disadvantages of leaving (which will not become apparent for a number of years anyway). I'm simply glad that the UK's laws are made and rescinded in Westminster by the Members elected by the UK electorate and not in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats. All we need to do is banish their influence in Northern Ireland.

There's lots of other things I'm pleased about - including not having the words "European Union" unnecessarily emblazoned on the top of the front cover of my new passport, but that's somewhat by the way.
I can’t imagine where you got your estimate from or why you expected that figure. Private Eye is an outdated comic for people who’ve yet to grow up.
"Better import another ship load of sour grapes!"

I know I'm like a cracked record (and not alone in that) but "sour grapes" would mean people who supported staying in the EU saying they never saw the point of it!

As for NJ's comments on NI: NI is still in the EU's single market, so naturally the EU will have influence there.
14:23, Judge, no matter how many times they are told it seems impossible for the 5th columnists to grasp.
Question Author
The 237k circulation figure is ‘abc’ verified – printed on page 7 of the current issue.
//Half the country voted Leave, so it is fair to assume half of Private Eye readers voted Leave. //
Like NewJudge I'm skeptical on this. My guess is most PE readers voted Remain like me, and the magazines clear views on Brexit may of turned away some Brexiter readers over recent years, and even if they remain as readers there less likely to bother writing in and arguing proBrexit.
Maybe they should ask again in 3 -5 years time when thing's may be much clearer

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Brexit Good News Delayed

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