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Hymie | 19:49 Sat 16th Oct 2021 | Society & Culture
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Following complaints of Brexit bias within Private Eye, a letter published in the current issue includes the following:-
‘I would welcome those writing to complain of your biased coverage to name a single advantage, even a marginal one that has materialised since January. Maybe there’s been one; I probably just missed it while I was trying to find the import tariff codes for each of the thousands of items we now import from the EU.’

The letter goes on to detail further grief the writer has suffered (both professionally and personally) as a result of Brexit.

Private Eye sells nearly ¼ of a million copies, if only 1.5 people read each printed magazine, I would estimate that well over 100,000 Brexit supporters will read the above letter.

Expect the next issue of PE to contain a plethora of reader’s letters listing the marginal (and not so marginal) advantages of Brexit.
To avoid disappointment, place an advance order for a copy at your local news agents.


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Its becoming an obsession for some, seems pointless harping on trying to wind up the majority and those who voted remain but beleive in democracy and want to make the best of things not harping on like a sad loser
Question Author
....but what about all the advantages of Brexit?
One of the advantages of Brexit may have fallen to the rest of Europe. Perhaps their news outlets have stopped stocking the overgrown schoolboys’ comic that is Private Eye.
One advantage - the UK was not caught up in the ludicrous mismanagement of the vaccine rollout by the EU, that caused massive delays across the European mainland.

The UK, unfettered by Brussels' miles of red tape, simply got on with its programme, to the demonstrable benefit of its citizens.
Question Author ....but what about all the advantages of Brexit?

Give it time
We are trying to undo 40 years of EU rule
It will not happen overnight
But in reality you already knew that or I at least hoped you did
//but what about all the advantages of Brexit?//
Some might say its the same list as the disadvantages of being tied to the EU
Some might say the advantage is its what the majority wanted so at least those people (plus remainers who are realists and want us to succeed not fail) will try to make it work
Ask in 5 years Hymie. Its done now and theres no chance of rejoining in are lifetimes. Best to focus on what we can do not not we might of been able to do if Remainers had made a better case and Cameron had'nt misjudged the result
A/H 21.19.. What happened then Andy? ...The UK now has the highest number of Covid cases in Western Europe........Is that what you call an advantage.
It just seems that way, Gulliver. Being good at counting is what comes with a good, solid, British education.
gulliver is unfortunately correct - Britain is behind Spain, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy, Ireland and others in the proportion of population fully inoculated (72% for Britain), despite the initial advantage of having a vaccine made at home. It's only just ahead of Sweden, whose initial laissez-faire approach to social distancing led to others predicting disaster.

Quite what's gone wrong since the quick start, I don't know - maybe there are more anti-vaxxers here than elsewhere, maybe they've been slower to treat kids.
\\ A/H 21.19.. What happened then Andy? ...The UK now has the highest number of Covid cases in Western Europe........Is that what you call an advantage.//
You missed out one word between 'of' and 'covid', that word is recorded. Nobody knows how many cases there are in Europe.
It'll take a while. We are still enmeshed in all these EU regulations, which will take time to unpick. E.G. Farmers, who cared about their stock, used to be able to slaughter them - so saving the need for slaughterhouse butchers (imported). There are lots and lots of other tiny frustrations brought about by all these laws. Even when I lived in France a lot of fonctionneres spent most of their time finding ways around constricting laws to find a common-sense solution for people. Yes, I can give an exact example if anyone wants me to.

Obviously a good thing was our freedom regarding vaccinations.
I do understand the disappointment of the radicalised , when Boris was shouting
....."We are the World leaders in Covid Vaccinations"....
.... and now the UK is sadly,...very sadly is so far behind.
Haha! Wishful thinking, Gulliver.
get behind the country, support british industry,buy british produce,,,STOP whinging

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Brexit Good News Stories Coming Soon

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