The Sunny Uplands Of Brexit

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Hymie | 09:12 Sat 09th Oct 2021 | Society & Culture
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Over the last year or so, as a remoaner I have been posting details of the impact of Brexit on the UK economy. This has included the loss of billions of pounds worth of exports (which is continuing on a daily basis), a shortage of HGV drivers (and other key workers), and many other negative effects of Brexit on the UK populous (unless you are the CEO of a mobile phone company). Others have posted news items in a similar vein – to avoid sounding like a broken record, I have not posted details of a number of negative Brexit news items (which are legion).

For some reason, Brexiteers on this site seem reluctant to post pro-Brexit news items - such as a fantastic trade deal with the USA, or some other similar such benefit of no longer being a member country of the EU. In order to redress the balance, I offer this thread in which Brexiteers can post details of news items detailing how our lives have been improved by Brexit.

I’ll kick the list off with blue passports (although mine is black), and a news story you might have missed – that the CE mark on pint glasses is to be replaced with the ‘Crown’ mark (confirming the volume of the glass to be a pint).

Over to you Brexiteers to add to the list.......


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Question Author
It appears Breixteers are completely unaware of the UK’s export loss as a result of Brexit – time to take your blinders off and become a remoaner.
Hymie, any chance of you answering the question posted at 11.30?
It's not moaning, it's pointing out reality.
Hymie 'costing the UK billions of pounds in lost exports'

dannyk13 'Is that just a wild guess or do you have actual proof to back you up?'

UK Balance of Trade With EU Worsens After Brexit

@3m:30s - the reality is billions of pounds in lost exports
Hymie, are you making an effort to badger the government for a vote to rejoin?
dannyk13 posted Google search link
= list+of+countries+uk+has+trade+deal+with

Hymie 'I read somewhere that the trade-deals made with other countries (post-Brexit) are basically the same as when we were members of the EU (so no change) - perhaps I (if I can find it) or someone else will post a link confirming the above.'

BBC News
Brexit: What trade deals has the UK done so far?

So far, it has signed trade deals and agreements in principle with 68 countries and one with the EU. The majority are "rollover" deals - copying the terms of deals the UK already had when it was an EU
member, rather than creating new benefits.

naomi24, rejoining the EU single market would be a good start. If there was a vote to rejoin the European Union and everyone voted who was eligible to vote, ie all the younger generation who couldn't be bothered first time around, then I'd be surprised if the outcome was to rejoin. I may be wrong, but then as we are constantly reminded by VLI's, - you lost get over it there will not be another vote.
*was not to rejoin
Question Author
I would strongly advise the Brexiteers don’t watch the video in Roobaba’s link – according to this guy, things are even worse than I thought (and are going to get worse).
Hymie, are you actively campaigning for a vote to rejoin the EU?
Question Author
Roobaba – your posts should be a wake-up call to all Brexiteers; but I would disagree that another vote would result in a decision to rejoin the EU.

All that would happen is that Farage et all would simply post a bigger number on the side of a bus. Of course in the fullness of time, when no-one can deny the long-term economic damage caused by Brexit – we might get to re-join once a future government sees the light and makes it their electoral policy. But that is many years away.
I’ve asked you twice, hymie. No answer. I take it you’re doing nothing except moan and groan. Hey ho!
//Why would anyone vote for something costing the UK billions of pounds in lost exports?//

You could equally ask why would anyone vote for something costing the UK billions of pounds in subscriptions (accompanied by onerous conditions)? We were never asked about that but were simply bounced into it.

//The majority are "rollover" deals - copying the terms of deals the UK already had when it was an EU member, rather than creating new benefits.//

There is one very important benefit to all of them which I pointed out yesterday at 12:58. Perhaps you’ve overlooked it.

As I said yesterday, the biggest benefit of all is that the UK is no longer an EU member. All the rest is incidental. It may not be financially beneficial to the UK in the long term but it probably will. If people want to sell their constitutional independence for a few billion pounds worth of exports that’s their decision. Fortunately they were outvoted. It seems the Poles are thinking seriously about their membership for similar reasons. They are beneficiaries from their membership whether they export a bean or not but the people there may take a similar view (if they are ever given the chance to express it).

//Comparing the tyranny of EU bureaucracy with the Johnson regime under performing doesn’t look like progress or a desirable conclusion.//

I’ll take the incompetence every day, thanks.
Question Author
The issue with Poland is the lack of independence of their judiciary from the government. Membership of the EU requires that the country’s judges are independent of government control/influence.

If Poland get chucked out of the EU for having a corrupt government (controlling their judges), then I would say that was a good thing – but their leaving would have nothing to do with their population wanting to leave (unless their citizens approve of their corrupt government).
Yes I know what the issue with Poland's EU membership is.

//Membership of the EU requires that the country’s judges are independent of government control/influence.//

Among many other things.

The question for the Polish people is not whether they want independent judges or not. The issue is who do they want to determine the answer to that question on their behalf? If they are happy to allow major constitutional issues to be determined by unelected foreign bureaucrats then EU membership probably presents them with few problems. If they want their own government to determine such matters then they must leave. You never know (and neither do I), they might like the idea of their judges being controlled by the government. Whilst they are EU members they do not have that choice. If you're saying that the Polish people need protection from the excesses of their government, they need to elect a different government (which I believe, they have the opportunity do from time to time).

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The Sunny Uplands Of Brexit

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