How Do You Come Out As Lesbian/Bisexual(Maybe) In An Extremely Strict Turkish, Muslim Family?

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Iloveboobs1212 | 23:36 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Society & Culture
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I have a crush on my good friend from school. At first when i was younger i thought i was just jealous of her good looks but now i realize i'm so so attracted to her i can't even hide it no more lol. But i come from a Turkish family, a Muslim family. Everyone in my family is against homosexuality with the exception of my mother. I know if my Dad found out i'm attracted to women he would beat my butt like the end of the world. Seriously though, my father is very very strict. I don't really know what to do. I know that their problem aren't many Muslim woman in the LGBT community but i was wondering if anyone had any decent advice. I don't wan't to abandon my faith but i think it would be pretty much impossible to suppress my attraction to women at this point.


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I think you will have to simply keep your feelings to yourself, as many people do & always have done.
You don't say how old you are. Lots of people are attracted to the same sex while growing up. Sometimes this changes and sometimes this doesn't. Have a look in your local newspaper for any group support in the area or on the internet. Take it slow
Try this but I have no experience with the group
As an afterthought: just because you feel attracted to another person of the same sex, it doesn't mean that this is in any way abnormal.
Women are frequently more emotional & loving than young men & capable of deeper relationships. Be thankful that you are normal.
I also advise you to keep well away from Stonewall
The first thing I'd say is don't make any quick, rash or unconsidered decisions as something like this is going to affect the rest of your life - keep things to yourself for as long as you need to to be totally sure of your feelings, the consequences and how you will deal with them.

Secondly try to find another site for advice, this one is made up mainly of older, straight, white people who won't particularly have much in common with you or your situation.
// I don't wan't to abandon my faith//

Faith is beleiving in things not proven.
Faith is not a virtue...its a lie!
Why would you believe in a lie.
Well, if you let them see your username, that'll give them a clue.

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How Do You Come Out As Lesbian/Bisexual(Maybe) In An Extremely Strict Turkish, Muslim Family?

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