I Want To Cut Ties With A Guy In The Nicest Way Possible. What Should I Do?

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FreyaSantos | 00:20 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Society & Culture
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I’ve been talking to this guy at my age for like a while now and he's already given me reassurance, flexed me on his social media accounts, introduced me to his parents and pals, and shown affection beyond what I expected it to be (he doesn’t believe in courtship). He wanted to meet my parents too, but I would never permit that to happen because we have a whole different lifestyle. I grew up in a strict family where boyfriends aren't  allowed until we graduate from college and get a stable job. I find it weird because we’ve only known each other for a while; didn’t even lasted a year. Although he’s a soft nice guy, I still feel unsure about my feelings for him. My fault here is that I’ve shown signs of interest already and tried to reciprocate his energy even though mine isn’t as genuine as his. I knew this connection wouldn’t last long because I always prioritize my studies over anything else (can’t balance both). I just feel pity for him. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings nor embarrass him in front of everyone, so I continued to pretend that I loved him too. What should I say or do now?


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I don't think their is any real nice way to do it but the longer you wait the harder it's gonna be on him when you finally break it off. No guy wants to feel pitied.

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I Want To Cut Ties With A Guy In The Nicest Way Possible. What Should I Do?

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