Confounding Variables And Regulatory Capture ?

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sevenOP | 10:02 Wed 15th Sep 2021 | Society & Culture
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Jimmy Dore interviews one of the team who helped develop the mRNA technology which led to the mRNA covid-19 vaccine.
He had covid-19, has been fully vaccinated and had 'long covid'


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That's one hour & 14 minutes, can you give a brief summary for those who have other things to get on with please.
this is the fella

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been criticized for promoting misinformation about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Wikipedia

and yes he is a virologist and has worked on mRNA

2mins in - and doing some knitting as well
7 up I will bite your ear if this is an hour of standard anti-vaxxer crap

likes ivermectin
doesnt like pfizer - said it wasnt licensed and then said oops it is actually

the usual
Question Author
The reaon I did not give MY summary of the video is exemplified by PP's nonsense:

"doesnt like pfizer - said it wasnt licensed and then said oops it is actually"

Malone does not mention Pfizer licensing at all in the entire video.

People should form their own opinions from viewing information and not 'prejudice-by-proxy'.

"the usual" ... divergence from PP's infallible assessments... was that after a whole 9 minutes viewing PP ?

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Confounding Variables And Regulatory Capture ?

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