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grumpy01 | 11:34 Sat 11th Sep 2021 | Society & Culture
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I read with great dismay that Cressida Dick has been given a two year eaxtension to her contact as commissioner of "The Met."
Given her record in post and previously as a commander it is surely poor judgement by Pritti Patel and others to do this.
I read the other day that Lord Blair the previous incumbent says that all this is sexist.It is not,she is not up to the job and to use a phrase previously quoted,End Of.


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She should have been booted out a long time ago.
11:38 Sat 11th Sep 2021
In my memory every Met commissioner has been accused of being not up to the job.
She should have been booted out a long time ago.
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I don't think that's correct Hopkirk and I agree wholeheartedly with you DannyK13.
Can't understand why she is still there, unless Boris is afraid of a claim for unfair dismissal.
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She ticks all the right boxes in the 21st century for snowflakes and wokery though which appear to be the main prerequisites for any such high profile job atm
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// I read the other day that Lord Blair the previous incumbent says that all this is sexist. //

In all the repeorts I have read about Ms Dick's lack of competence, at no point has her gender been mentioned.
Danny, If they had let her contract run out instead of renewing it, there would have been no unfair dismissal to contest.
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Andy Hughes @ 11.51 it was in an interview on Today on Radio 4.
The problems began for the police when they changed from being a "force" to a "service". Their aim is the prevention and detection of crime. Unfortunately none of the best thief takers rise to the top any more because they do not fit the profile required for a senior police officer whereas Ms Dick embodies all the requirements.

The public want big, burly police officers patrolling the streets at night, removing the vermin as necessary. It helps them sleep well. It wants some of those officers to gain experience, get promoted and help manage the force. Unfortunately most of the people who seem to rise to the top are totally unsuited to police work but are ideal as politicians or social workers and their main qualities seem to be as purveyors of political correctness and wokery. That's why you get people like Ms Dick in charge. And now we always will.
Thre problem regarding Chief Officers began with the accelerated promotion scheme which started in the 60's.This allowed promotion of officers who had little experience of 'bobbying'.
Quite so, Danny.

I have a nephew who wanted to join via the accelerated promotion scheme. Unfortunately his degree was not good enough to qualify but he joined nonetheless. He hasn't made it to Chief Constable but is now a DCI in his early 40s. As well as ordinary duties he has served his time including some on traffic, on Royal Protection and Counter-Terrorism. He is a superb copper and would be an ideal senior officer. But he won't get there because he has similar views to me.
NJ //But he won't get there//
That is a shame because he has all the experience which would serve him well as a senior officer.
I know - great news isnt it

Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty talks about failing upwards, and this could be an instance

altho - - - I have to say, in the Manchester Areny inquiry it is the police who say - that you go in after clearing and ignore further risks, and the fire men who say: the risk is always there, so staying at Phillips park and not answering the phone is in fact the optimal strategy

and judgy baby - sir John Saunders sat there and said, oh shoot
// But he won't get there because he has similar views to me.//

but you made it, judgy !

To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man

chrissakes it cant be impossible to make it - Dick, Anderton, Hogan hogue Fahy
give us all hope
It maybe their preferred successor is currently unavailable they will certainly know who they want. Maybe it's a case of that person requiring a little more experience in a similar role.
Ineptitude, and incompetence, after exposure should result in demotion. But the hierarchy in this case concludes that two plus two equals five.
david small
Ineptitude, and incompetence, after exposure should result in demotion

Never happens
Same happens with banks that lose money and require government bail outs
The chief executives always get massive payoffs and share options for abject failure

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