How You Ever Faced Humiliation And How Did You Face/Overcome It?

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Bushbaby135 | 22:39 Thu 24th Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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I take dance lessons and I love dance a lot, but I have had to take a year and half out for some reasons but the other kids in my group have continued. My teacher has therefore decided to put with the youngest batch of 9-10 year olds and I am 20. Although I can understand she is doing that because I am out of shape due to lack of practice but it still feels a bit humiliating to be put with the younger kids :(


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Yeah, right.
Turn it into a positive and prove how good you are and be kind to the younger dancers in your group.
the kids won't mind, so only you can decide whether you're really being humilated. If that's the standard you're dancing at now, set yourself to work at it till you're promoted a few classes. If you're actually dancing better than that, protest (peaceably) or find a new teacher.
I have been humiliated so many times that I’m quite used to it.
er find an adult dance group

or change to a dance form ( tap?) that has adult classes

give up and take up judo
No we were kept away from the tap kids - in our own clique
I'll take humiliation over a pretense of superiority any day.

One's full potential is not realised through the self-defeating practice of constantly comparing one's self to either those who are better or worse than themselves. In the pursuit of progress, admiration is the carrot, envy the stick.

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How You Ever Faced Humiliation And How Did You Face/Overcome It?

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