What Age Do You Stop Buying Your Nieces And Nephews Gifts? If You Do Stop That Is.

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joko | 09:54 Tue 22nd Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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im just curious, as mine are all still kids but it just occurred to me that none of my aunts/uncles gave up bday gifts and only gave xmas ones if we were seeing them.

so i just wondered what people usually do?
i know some fams buy for everyone forever, but i know many dont.

i think it might be odd me giving them gifts when theyre like 26 haha.

as a family, we made a rule to stop buying the adults gifts at xmas an just buy for the kids, but again that would be weird to still be happening when theyre like 20+ - i guess we may all start buying for each other again then too.

i have no kids myself

this is no big issue, im happy buying them gifts - although theyre 13 now so im starting to just give them money already haha.

i really am just curious what happens in other families with this kind of thing.

thanks :)


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I bought my 3 Xmas & birthday presents up to their 18th birthdays, then stopped. I have given them money since but not as a regular thing.
Mine are approaching Middle Age and I still give them gifts.

I only give my own kids gifts now.
18 here too
My husbands side of the family don't get gifts at all, we hardly see them and we never got a 'thank you'. I only have two nieces, we're very close and they receive a small gift or money for birthday and Christmas,as do my four great nieces.
I also gave money up to the age of 18 years then as we never see or hear from them apart from a Christmas card, I just send a birthday card. We do live 75 miles away but I don't think they would bother if we lived on the doorstep. They are adults in employment so earning their own money and I thought 18 was old enough to stop giving gifts.
Tell them when they're 18, the gifts will stop, because..... :-)
Depends on two things in particular: How easily you feel pressurised by what others do and how formulaic your own behaviour is. Otherwise giving gifts is a reducing "need" over time.
I stop giving presents at 18.
18 here as well.
gifts arent money?

anyway I give money. one said - stop giving my children prezzies and I realised that it wasnt an adult thing it was to do with family dynamics

I still give money - irregularly and they all know that there is never a balancing exercise. + "please do not tell your parents" - the parents get into a paddy as well

and the idea of " this was never done for me so I am baggered if I will allow it to be done for my children" - which accounts for unexpected refusals and rude rebuffs

(even ruder than you read on AB!!!!!)
// Otherwise giving gifts is a reducing "need" over time.//

erm I havent found that wiv my family - more really
I stopped buying gifts when they hit 18....a final piece of gold jewellery for their 18th birthdays and that was it....I would have liked an occasional birthday card when they reached their teen s but never mind! Wedding gifts and baby gifts followed and 2 got completely free honeymoons in our place in I hear from them now? Nope!! Still it is considerably cheaper!
Hi Malz - it does seem to be a bottomless pit
I have eighteen nieces and nephews,countless great and several great greats. Buying for that lot would bankrupt me:)
I stopped with presents at eighteen for the nieces and nephews in this country.Eight of them live in Australia and I just send cards for birthdays.
I do help out one great niece now and again financially.
In theory, we buy presents up to 18, although sometimes money instead if they prefer. After that, we still do money for our own children, nephews and nieces, but not as much.
i stopped when they stopped thanking me
"i stopped when they stopped thanking me"

In that case I woulda stopped after the first one!
i did. they didnt get anything the next year
To some extent I think it depends if you have children of your own (I don't). They will be your main focus and nieces/nephews secondary. Having said that my sister & her husband still treat his family.

PS. why is there no collective noun for nieces& nephews?

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