Do I Need To Pay For The Delivery Fee And Tip As Well??

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krissy2872 | 00:46 Sun 20th Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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I promised to compensate a friend in NY for furniture pieces that I ruined. Then he tells me that I owe him 'this-many-dollars' which include not just the price of the product itself but also delivery fee and tips. Is he being reasonable or not?


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He would not have incurred those charges had you not ruined his furniture, so at the very least you should also pay the delivery fees.
This is a UK-based site, so civil law here might be different to where you are. So we can't give you a definitive legal answer here.

However a general principle, both in civil law (worldwide, to the best of my knowledge) and in society as a whole is that, if you cause damage to someone else's property, you are liable for the full costs of putting matters right. As I see it therefore, you most definitely should be bearing the carriage costs.
We aren't in Law Buen, that's why I gave an opinion.
We're in agreement anyway, Mamya ;-)
We all are, yes.
You have to accept the cost of furniture and delivery charge but with the tips he is trying it on, give him a nominal $5 tip to placate him. Get it all done.
Presumably the tip is insignificant compared to the cost & delivery of the items so just pay it all. Is it worth losing a friend over a few dollars?
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I appreciate all of you for the answers. And just to make sure - the fact that he's used the pieces as well long before I came along doesn't change anything? Does this mean I don't even get to ask him to bear half of the costs (delivery fee and tip)? Also technically, he set the price for the tips and I had nothing to do with it.
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And just to add, he's not really a friend - more of an acquaintance, to be exact.
"I promised to compensate a friend"
What form of words did your promise take?
do you also live in the usa, krissy?
As an acquaintance and not a friend you owe him no loyalty. I would pay the damages, delivery and $5 tip and get rid of the problem.

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Do I Need To Pay For The Delivery Fee And Tip As Well??

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