How Pride Blinds Us To Reality.

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Theland | 15:57 Sun 06th Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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Pride, the great sin of Satan, and infected the human race.
We seem to care more of what the world thinks of us rather than what God thinks of us.
Pride is the great stumbling block that prevents us eating humble pie and saying sorry.
Has pride prevented you from mending relationships?


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Question Author
Thanks TTT. That's really profound and thought provoking.
Have yourself a tinny, Theland.
Probably - but that's down to me, and nothing remotely to do with God or Satan.
If you feel that pride is blinding you, theland, perhaps you should try opening your eyes.
Has pride prevented you from mending relationships?

No, never.

We Catholics are high on gult, though I draw the line at eating Umbles.
guilt *
Thought for the day. If there was an omnipotent being they surely it would make us all believe!
I know nothing of Umbles, mamyalynne, but I hear they eat pie sandwiches in the north. Will that do?
...and here's me thinking you were on about Pride (with a capital P) - June being Pride month.
You aren't missing much with umbles Naomi.

A pie on a barm is quite a local delicacy.
Umble pie on a barm, I eat them quite often.
What’s a barm? And what kind of pie would you put on it? Fruit? Meat? Please tell me more. I’d never heard of pie sandwiches until someone here mentioned it. It sounds awful to me.
I wouldn't eat umble pie either
Potato and meat pie is the favourite.

A barm cake is a bread roll mage with the barm (yeast) left over from brewing and usually baked at the bottom of the oven.
Thanks mamyalynne. I’ve heard of barm cake but I’m pretty sure I haven’t tasted it despite my frequent visits to the north. I must remember to remedy that next time. I’ll forego the meat and potato pie though.
Why wouldn't we care what people think of us?

I've always strived to make my parents proud and I want my children to look at us and be proud.

Isn't that normal?
Question Author
Well done Naomi for being adventurous.
Scouse is the next big mystery to be solved.
Lobscouse is a good easy meal, on the day before payday it becomes Blind Lobscouse (nah meat).

Appropriate really.
ummmm - // Why wouldn't we care what people think of us? //

If I read Theland's OP correctly, he is not saying that we should not care what people think of us - just that we appear to care more about that than what God thinks of us.

If you believe in God, as he does, that's an issue, if you don't, as I don't, there's no comparison or conflict of interest.

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How Pride Blinds Us To Reality.

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