Having Been Inspired By Theland's Post On Evangelical Universalism, .....

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Atheist | 20:24 Sat 05th Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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I am moved to ask ABers 'how many angels do you think can dance on the head of a pin?'


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419, according to the mediaeval church fathers.
Over the years a huge number of theological man-hours have been spent debating the famous question: How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin? In order to arrive at an answer, the following facts must be taken into consideration: Firstly, angels simply don’t dance. It’s one of the distinguishing characteristics that marks an angel. They may listen appreciatively to the Music of the Spheres, but they don’t feel the urge to get down and boogie to it. So, none. At least, nearly none. Aziraphale had learned to gavotte in a discreet gentlemen’s club in Portland Place, in the late 1880s, and while he had initially taken to it like a duck to merchant banking, after a while he had become quite good at it, and was quite put out when,

Gaiman, Neil; Pratchett, Terry. Good Omens (pp. 262-263). Transworld. Kindle Edition.
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Come on, ABers; you can't let Jackdaw get away with that! There must be loads of other theories and doctrines about this. We should get at least 200 posts on the subject, after all, no-one can prove you wrong, so post away!
last time that I took LSD (About 35 yrs ago) think it was up to about 600.
But I was Tripping at the time so couldnt be sure....
I may have got the figures wrong. I have a feeling it is actually 491 but I cannot find the source of my information.
What are the exact dimensions of the pin in question, and where are you deducing that angels are capable of dancing from?!
Yeah man. The head of the pin was about as big as a football field, and the angels were tiny - so lots.
Ballet or break dancing?
Define type of dancing? In pairs, social distancing, so seperately. Genre? Rock+ roll, northern soul, irish dancing,Heavily, choregraphed.I could go on.
Would it just be traditional angels, or would there be contingents of angels or colour, angels of superior wingspan, and cherubim and seraphim? It could be a crowded pin, and if the hokey-cokey got going we may need to extend the venue onto the head of knitting needle or teaspoon or something?
Spungle, youre being silly now.
Er, 3,872 if you count 4 cherubim balancing on the shoulders of the angels???? I stand ready to be corrected - maths was never my strong point.
oh I thought it was one - - if arranged like the cloves in an orange then there wd be ahead angel and we know they are equal

I love the use of the word ' fact ' in relation to angel

this was said to be one of the qq convulsing the Byszantines when the Turks were knockiing at the door 1453

the maids of a household were so well educated that they would discuss this at the water wells as they drew water for their masters (contemporary sources)
come on spungo - one angel one type

I mean are there 'types' of fundamentalists ?
come on boys fly in holy water ( oh lardy dah)

water in a stoop is present in easter churches and roman - so that one can cross onself on entry ( wid holy water see) -
asperges me domine hyssopo et mundabor - et super nivem dealbabor
o god you heathens

and so - - if a fly falls into duh holy watter
does the holiness go and where?
or does the fly ( notoriously dirty belleeh ) become holy ?

thank god we discussing something serious in a rational manner after all that crap about covid
None, they're too exhausted after working a 20-hour shift at the local hospital.

And the only reward is a weekly dose of clapping for a month or so.
Angels are bigs. You wouldn't mess with them if you met them
Have you met them, fiveleaves?
I'll consult with the Angel Summoner, right after I've popped this wheelie.
I need a few verres du vin ou une bonne gnôle d'écossaise before I have the inspiration to answer this one.

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Having Been Inspired By Theland's Post On Evangelical Universalism, .....

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