Are Children More Socially Aware Than They Used To Be?

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dave50 | 15:48 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Society & Culture
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When children are interviewed on the news about stuff going on in the world and I am talking those no older than say 14, the statements and opinions they come out with would never be even thought about among my peers when I was that age in the early seventies. All we discussed was mundane day to day stuff, not worrying about what was going on in the world around us. Don't know if it's a good thing.


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Much more, I think. The Internet gives so much information and opinions that I definitely never had.
There are positives and negatives, although, in a democratic country I guess- the more views, the better. The only problem is those who listen to the loudest, without thinking.
24/7 TV.

I was out not giving a thought about what was going on in Gaza.
Yes, I think children now are far more socially aware - and putting old heads on young shoulders isn’t a good thing.
Most primary school kids seem to know far more about global warming than certain members of AB do ;-)

I agree Chris. can't believe some of the things my 7yr old Granddaughter knows and asks me about. Things I wouldn't ask adults when I was that age.
The way things are going, children are not being allowed to be children. They shouldnt be worrying so much about what is going on at these young ages, plenty of time as they grow up.
Roo, worrying and awareness are different things. As long as it's age appropriate, children can learn anything. They can also still climb trees and play.
There is some evidence that the UK's "older generation" is actually losing objectivity, the ability to rationally reason things out from first principles (facts, reality), and instead refusing to employ such practices in favour of resolutely and permanently facing backward in life without so much as a glimpse at anything beyond the rear view tunnel vision. Hope for the future lies in younger people not taking up the example as they go through life and that they will even learn from those showing better ways in the rest of the world (globally) from which we can choose without the dismissive biases, including "we are World Leaders, The Best, etc.".
I'm not sure whether it's kids are more socially aware or that some adults are more socially retarded.

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Are Children More Socially Aware Than They Used To Be?

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