Global Insanity.

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Theland | 23:46 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Society & Culture
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God has been kicked out of the public arena, together with the self discipline normally associated with religions of whatever denomination.
In place we have seen the arrival of a collective madness, akin to a religion, that involves climate fear, the conditioning of the masses to do the bidding of the global elite, giving up freedoms, adapting the woke agenda, a resurgence of leftism, and a readiness to condemn anybody not belonging to our own narrow faction.
In short, we are descending further and further into a global insanity.
At least, that's what I think.
Is there a way back to normality?


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Oh dear,you sound quite defeated - all pretty much normal hereabouts.
At least you have acknowledged that religion is a form of collective madness. That is the biggest breakthrough in your thinking I have ever seen.

Climate Change is backed by scientific reasoning.
Question Author
Hi Mamya, I do despair for our society, with its strange values that I abhor.
(And of course its a discussion to bring out the gang with all guns blazing!)
Question Author
Beso, yes, religion is a form of madness based on fear.
As for your climate change, I remain unconvinced.
As for your religion, I remain unconvinced
You'll get no blazing guns from , but you know that - happy hunting or should that be baiting? ;-)
Question Author
Mamya, a bit of both, baiting and debating.
Question Author
Canary, I don't follow any religion. Honestly.
Question Author
Professor Happer is another climate contrarian who knows his subject and talks sense.
However the global madness drowns out voices like his.
Question Author
Another contrarian.
Theland I should give up if I were you. you are wrong, blinkered and prejudiced.
Wow, Theland. I’d prescribe some Lithium.
Question Author
Wolf - blinkered and prejudiced?
(I'm!trying to work that one out :-)
it is not what you think
you have copied and pasted again havent you?
I am surprised for you Theland, I thought this may have hit the spot - usually when the 'woke' word is in an OP it acts like a starting pistol.

Question Author
Peter Pedant - copied and pasted what?
I typed in links.
Question Author
Mamya - all part of the global insanity?
I agree with you to a degree, Theland, although you seem to suggest that the decline in religion is the cause and that I disagree with. Much of what I deem entirely unacceptable is promoted by religion and defended by the ‘woke’ who in any other circumstances demand respect for all, equality between the sexes, rally against the abuse of women. Objections are highly selective.
Theland - // Canary, I don't follow any religion. Honestly. //

I am intrigued by your obserfvation that you don;t follow any religion, when the dictionary would appear to confirm that you do -

noun: religion

The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

He is ‘religious’ but he doesn’t follow a formal religion. He still hangs on to the same basic tenets though. He’s not discovered anything he hasn’t learnt from someone else.

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Global Insanity.

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