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eve1974 | 15:35 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Society & Culture
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So I am learning a little more about Islam.

I am a Christian but it is interesting to find out what others believe.

One of the statues are to “ not commit adultery with a woman except in the case of lawfulness. “

It may be that I have misunderstood....

But surely adultery is adultery? I don’t get what is meant by “in the case of lawfulness “


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Does that statute have a title or a number?

That way you could explore it in more depth.
Question Author
It doesn't The person who shared this info with me (via WhatsApp) didn't give a number.

language is a bit of an issue so I wondered if he may have meant that is unlawful to have sex with a woman unless in the case of lawfulness (Ie marriage). Rather than adultery (ie extramarital affair).

I could simply ask him I guess but .... when I do ask slightly more in depth questions he gets excited cos thinks I'm ready to convert lol. Im not and have no intention on changing my very real faith.

I will say though it is great to chat about an alternative faith with this guy. We met him on holiday 2 years back in Morocco. We have remained in touch (WhatsApp) ever since. Not just about religion but about stuff in general.

Ask nicely if he has a reference for this statute.
Question Author
yes I will ty Mamya
they distinguish between pre-mariatal and extra-mariatal sex, I think, and they don't stone people for it. But I don't know what "lawful" adultery would be.
Maybe it is the fact that many of them have more than one wife.
I always thought adultery was sex between two people who were each married to someone else, a married person having sex with an unmarried person isn't adultery.
No it isn't and Eve didn't mention that, she needs more info from her friend.
In the Islamic sharia canon when a man dies his brother can have sex with his widow, I think.
Pretty standard stuff for TROP, essentially it can only be the woman's fault even if it's rape. The penalty for being raped varies of course from flogging to stoning.
Do you have a link to this particular statute Tora, as worded in the OP?
We used to have our own resident Muslim in Key Plus, but the guy got such a regular hammering from the AB clever-*** that he sensibly has bowed out.
Poor Key Plus was held responsible for every anomaly in Islam.
do you have google mamy? just one of thousands of examples:
The statute referred to in the OP...

//One of the statues are to “ not commit adultery with a woman except in the case of lawfulness. “//

That is the one that Eve would like a reference to.

so you are ok with women who have been raped being labelled as adulterers and stoned to death then mamy? right oh!
Is that you accusing me of something? I'd be very careful if I were you doing that on a public forum.
TTT is twisting things for his own sorry usual.
it's not me making excuses love for the mad mullahs love.
TTT I do try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your tone when addressing mamy was not quite David Niven; even Johnson wouldn't be so rude, from what I have heard.

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