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eve1974 | 15:35 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Society & Culture
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So I am learning a little more about Islam.

I am a Christian but it is interesting to find out what others believe.

One of the statues are to “ not commit adultery with a woman except in the case of lawfulness. “

It may be that I have misunderstood....

But surely adultery is adultery? I don’t get what is meant by “in the case of lawfulness “


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The woman in TORATORATORA's link was released on appeal.
i've accused you of nothing, just asking the question at 18:29.
My conversation with you such as it was is over on this thread, please stop digging.

Eve, come back when your friend has given more information ta.
"it's not me making excuses love for the mad mullahs love."
Since no-one has accused YOU of making excuses, the natural conclusion is you are accusing someone else of doing so.
mamy: "My conversation with you such as it was is over on this thread, please stop digging. " - great so just listen then.
BoraBoraBora. What a gentleman you are!
Khandro, poor keyplus? Phooey! Did you ever read what he posted here? Incidentally, he still looks in.

As for the question, Islam is ambiguous. You may be very surprised - shocked even - to discover what may be considered lawful.
"a married person having sex with an unmarried person isn't adultery"

For a married person to have sex with anyone other than their spouse is adultery. Obviously. It matters not the marital state of the other party.
islam is ambiguous - well possibly

the arabic word is zina. it ( appears ) to occur 14 times in the Quran

different words for the adulterer and adulteress. All 14 are pretty against it. Slaves dont count so kissing a slave is OK - that may be what he meant.

and the words adultery and lawful never seem to occur together.

They have a body of law ( qanun(*) that is based firmly on the Quran and sayings ( hadith ) of those who came after of varying importance. This explains the law - four male witnesses for adultery spring to mind. No man in his right mind will bring four of his frenz to witness his wife in flagrante with a sixth ( four+ husband+ lover)

in an automatic translator I did put in - statutes of the country
and got out - - قوانين البلاد - quawaneen al bilad - quawaneen take it from me is plural of qanun - so he may be referring to moroccan law.

then I lost interest - they wouldnt cheerfully stone people if it were lawful.

(*) yes qanun is a loan word from Latin canon - as in canon of law or canon law. - others are sejel from sigilla ( clay seal ) and qalm from calamus scriptorius - writing reed - oh qatt and cat
//so you are ok with women who have been raped being labelled as adulterers and stoned to death then mamy? right oh!//

Unlikely, don't you think, ttt? I think you owe mamya an apology.

Naomi, 16:26, anything particular in mind, please?
Pixie, nothing you would understand.

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Islam Statutes

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