They Don't Give Up Easily!

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Jackdaw33 | 01:35 Tue 09th Mar 2021 | Society & Culture
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I suppose that one of the minor advantages of lockdown is that the JWs can no longer knock on your door. Nil desperandum, they have now resorted to mailshots. I received a letter from a local member of the Kingdom Hall this morning telling me that she is praying for me and a small tract enclosed. It's true what they say: 'God loves a trier'.


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God loves judges?
Nice to know that someone cares.
I've had a couple of those. One was computer-generated but the other was quite a lengthy handwritten letter from a lady living in a sheltered housing complex just down the road from me. She must have spent a fortune on postage, and spent hours writing all her letters. That's unless she'd just realised that I was far more in need of 'saving' than anyone else around here, of course ;-)
Never had one knock at my door.

I remember some Mormons knocking when I was a kid.
I had them knock on my terrace windows and scare the life out of me. Our house had just been built and the outside gate wasn’t in place. It was definitely infringing on private property. As can happen when you get a scare I was furious. This was in Spain and they were Brits.
I don't mind them knocking my door, by the time they leave they don't know what planet they're on! :o}
We got one too!
I've had one addressed to 'My dear neighbour'.
I really don't understand why JWs are so keen to recruit new believers as their god is only going to let 144000 in to heaven and all the others are stuck on earth.
All those witnesses but never a prosecution.

What are the police up to?
I had one of those Dear neighbour things, it went in the bin
I framed mine and hung it on the wall
The 144,00 places are already allocated for those that spread the word. Those who subsequently join up and think that they too will get an allocated space, are unfortunately misled.

It's exactly the same as booking with Ryan Air..
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LOL @ alavahalf!
I had one of their letters the other day and there was I, thinking the person really cared about my well-being.

I'm gutted...
JW's in common with other religions are burdening their followers with unnecessary rituals and duties, such as door knocking.
Jesus Christ promises freedom from religion.
For those looking for freedom from religion I'd suggest that Jesus Christ is hardly a stop along the optimal route.

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They Don't Give Up Easily!

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