Why Do You Say Indigeous Poeple?

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FolViderox | 02:04 Mon 08th Mar 2021 | Society & Culture
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Indigeous poeple and indigeous sounds humilating but natives, native and homogenus sounds relaxed. Why do say the ladder as much? Dark skinned poeple is called indigeous poeple more and ligth skinned poeple is called natives and homogenus more.


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The term 'natives' was thought to be derogatory and so was replaced by 'indigenous people'.
It's a perfectly valid word, one maybe more used in discussion than casual conversation and it has no leanings to any colour or creed.
Have you heard them complaining?
That's an interesting question, and I think the answer comes down to personal choice, possibly influenced by current "fashions", and also the context. What suits a casual conversation might not fit so comfortably in a serious academic treatise for example, and vice versa. .

I hope this helps.
"Have you heard them complaining?" If they did, would you take any notice?
I'm still trying to get my head around "coloured people" (bad), "people of colour" (perfectly acceptable).
The word 'native' was used for many years in English literature to refer to people who were perceived as extremely primitive. (e.g. "There were no white men on the island which I was marooned on, only spear-wielding natives"). Through showing such a lack of respect for the cultures and traditions of persons of colour, the word has come to be regarded as offensive.

Definitions of 'native' from the Oxford English Dictionary:
As a kid I thought Eskimos lived in igloos in the Arctic, now they're something else, Inuit.
Inuit innit?
I am curious to know where "homogenus" appeared from?
who says "indegeous"?
Those whose first language is not English?
'coloured people '

Is that when they are born and some one paints an indelible colour unto their skin?
While 'Eskimo' is, indeed, regarded as offensive by the Inuit people of Greenland, it's still wrong to refer to all indigenous peoples in the Arctic region as 'Inuits'. (That's akin to referring to everyone who lives in Great Britain as 'English', which won't go down well with the Scots and Welsh!)

People who live in the Arctic regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway, for example, are probably Saami. Elsewhere you might encounter Aleut or Yupik populations in Alaska. For more detail, see here:
Question Author
Answer to Theland's
You are racist. Inuits are asians becuase they look the same. I have avoided countries such as Canada and Russia and someone still said that. Whites are the poeple that's native in the countries that's most north and coldest. Saying otherwise make you feel much worse. Southeast asia's natives should rather be another ethicity becuase they even though they have the same face as other asians they have ligth brown skin and not peach skin such as other asians. Why can whites be native of a entire continent but inuits can't be? Why isn't natives north of Switzerland one ethnicity that's more north then Inuits? You have a worse life then i do. Your answer has nothing to do with my answer. I thaugth someone wasn't going to say that. You ruined my life. The only solution is that this hasn't happened.
Discuss on no more than 2 sides of A4.
Folviderox Your reply to Theland is a rambling load of twaddle.
Hopefully Theland understands more of that than me
Oh Dear, So sorry about your ruined life Fol. Maybe you shouldn't take to heart stuff you read on the internet.
T's good at extracting the essential underlying message of an apparently confusing text.
Question Author
Theland, you offend Canadians much. I'm not going to read more answers now becuase i am too nervous that they will be similiar to Theland's answer.

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