Acceptable To Not To Refer To A Woman As A 'Girl'?

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DonaldDuck92 | 21:56 Sun 21st Feb 2021 | Society & Culture
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Here's the debate we're having. Keen to know what others think.

Is it acceptable for a 30 year old woman to refer to a 40 year old woman as "a nice girl"?


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It's not much to be concerned about as long as it was not said in a derogatory way.
well I would probably say someone is a nice person but if someone said it about me I wouldn't jump up and down unless it was being said as a put down.
I truly have no idea what's acceptable or not. Does she have a womb? Does / did she menstruate? Does she identify as one of the 32,305 official "genders" which we've just realised that exist?
I know plenty of women, of all ages, who say things like "We girls know a thing or two when it comes to . . . " . So if they're happy to refer to themselves as 'girls', I don't see why others shouldn't use the same appellation for them.
As with everything in society's interactions, there is no hard and fast rule, it's about context.

If the lady referred to, and assembled company, is unlikely to take offence, then it's fine, if not, then it's not.

It's all about having a little awareness of the people around and making a judgement.

It's always possible to misjudge, but a simple apology should suffice.
'The Golden Girls' on TV many years ago , were a lot older than 40.
I still refer to my children as kids and my daughter is 28

Because I live with men I refer to myself as a girl.
do you call them boys?
Yes. They're my boys and my girl.
They don't call me mum, they use my name.
ummmm //They don't call me mum, they use my name.//

I irk when I hear that, it seems to me so much lacking in respect. For a mother to be referred to as , mum, mummy, mother, ma, or whatever. signifies, love, appreciation & an honour of her position in one's life.
Remember, you can always get another friend or lover, but you can never get another mother.
ummm - // I still refer to my children as kids and my daughter is 28 //

So do we, or girls, and they are 46, 44, and 31!!!
It’s perfectly acceptable, Donald. I think most women of a certain age like to be referred to as a girl. My dad still calls me and my sister ‘the girls’ and we’re 50ish.
sometimes "girls" is the female counterpart of "boys"; but sometimes of "guys", which more clearly includes adults. What does the 40-year-old think about it? Her opinion is probably more to the point than yours.
'I'm meeting the women for lunch' doesn't have quite the same ring to it as 'I'm meeting the girls for lunch', does it?
Khandro, my youngest son is autistic. If he wanted something he'd say 'mum mum mum mum mum MUM'

I just blocked it out so they started using my name.

They call me 'mum' if they need me. They are lovely kids. Truly lovely.

They don't use my name if we're out...we just don't go out often.
Ma, would be upset if I called her by her name, I refer to her as Mum on here obviously. A lot depends on whether you know them or not, I wouldn't refer to any Lady as old at 40 or nice Girl... lol.
Well I am the wrong side of 60 but still refer to a 'girls' night out'. I don't think it is derogatory at all.
It's acceptable. My wife often has a night out with 'the girls', and they're all pretty old.

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Acceptable To Not To Refer To A Woman As A 'Girl'?

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