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ilovechocolate | 20:10 Wed 27th Jan 2021 | Society & Culture
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I’m 22, and I completely removed myself from ALL social media 6 months ago.

I found no matter how much protection was around my account I still had privacy concerns. How safe are these sites?

I also found my entire days were absorbed by pointless scrolling through other peoples posts, which really did not matter. It can have a huge negative effect on personal image too.

What are your views?


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I left Twitter and deleted my Facebook nearly two years ago. I'm on Facebook for a few fan groups, but not under my real name and without adding friends or photos. I'm on Instagram, but don't really use it.
I keep deactivating my fb but can't go more than a day or 2 and have to go back to it, just to see if I'm missing anything, not necessarily to post.
Is YouTube Social Media? Spend a lot of time on there. Go on Twitter a couple of times a week. Feel left out because I haven't been banned yet.
Come on here in 'bursts'. Is this Social Media?
I have debated in the past whether or not this site is 'social media - I am advised that it is, although I believe that is by coincidence since it was set up when social media did not exist.

I have no interest in any other social media - probably an age thing - my children and grandchildren are all avid consumers, I simply don't seem to have that gene.

I remember John Peel saying that only five people on the planet knew his mobile phone number - I thought that was cool.
I use FB but I don't post anything private. I use it to chat to my family and to folk who have the same interests as me. I chat when I want and don't when I don't. The people I talk to are not interested in their or my own "image" i think its like any other social network, real or online. If you mix with toxic people its dangerous, if you don't its not. I rarely get into arguments on there except when people are spreading fake covid information and I have a hair trigger blocking response which serves me well. I don't really care about the "how private" discussion...anybody who wants to can see the dull domestic stuff I post and I am very careful to post images that do not identify my house, my location or me.
A-H" I remember John Peel saying that only five people on the planet knew his mobile phone number - I thought that was cool."

my mobile is what I use for most phone contact so a few more than 5 have got my mobile number including businesses, my doctor and so on but I could definitely say that about my landline.
Don't bother with Facebook. Most of us on here are getting on a bit. We'd have a different kind of interaction with SM to yours, I'm guessing.
No FB - and refuse to even look at any FB sites.

No Twitter - same as above.

No mobile phone.

Don't consider AB as social media - more an open forum.
There are some nostalgia Groups on Facebook which keep me interested (I recognise that at 22 that's unlikely ilovechocolate, but at 78 it does have some pull). I also use it for keeping touch with friends during lockdown. I am on Twitter and visit about once every six months.
Poor old Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Netflix have now shunned social media because they can't control the flak they receive for hubris, and pocketing £150m for who knows what, and exploiting young Archie with some podcast gimmick, Archwell. (sic)
Personally I have eight numbers on my phone. I get by :-)
The chances of me becoming a Twitterati member, ie a Twit, are zero, and fb the same. Both needless and from the fallout from their existence apparently very damaging.
This site is useful.
If you feel uncomfortable don't do it. What's hard? Get a life.
Theland: For once I wholly agree. Can't stand these users.
I use FB, I have two accounts neither in my real name. One is tightly private for family only and the other is for pages and groups that interest me such as local news, local history and hobby interests.
Twitter is great for getting fast results from companies I have a problem with.
There is no trace of the real me on the internet except in news reports.

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