What Is Your Personal Definition Of Freedom?/ What Does Freedom Mean To You?

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SomeonenSomethin | 11:15 Tue 19th Jan 2021 | Society & Culture
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Go as in depth and personal as you want


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You can't have freedom if you have responsibilities.
What a strange first post, homework maybe?
You first!
Being constantly warm enough in my own home to be naked if I want to - or, on the contrary, having to feel cold unless wearing at least two layers is utter misery. The former is to me the very minimum for feeling acceptable well being. A close second is being able to travel to another country at will without needing to show any travel document along the way. Again following closely, a third is being able to travel worldwide without people at the destination, from passport control onward, likely having their own concept of what you must be like based on their knowledge of where they think you are from.

The common thread throughout all three is having prioretised my spending patterns in a way to permit those freedoms, the core freedom but only as a means to the others (no use in isolation). Again reverse engineering, as a requirement good health precedes all else.
//What a strange first post, homework maybe?//

It doesn’t matter if it is homework. This is a question and answer site and anyone is entitled to ask whatever question they want to ask and for whatever reason. Those who object to homework questions only need to ignore them. They are under no obligation to answer and have no business telling anyone what to post. Whether we consult books, websites or people, we all learn in our own way - and all knowledge is worth having.
Freedom to me is being able to act, think, speak, and pursue my goals without fear or favour to anybody else or any authority.
Freedom to me means being able to dress as I want, like the things I like, do the things I enjoy etc but freedom does not mean that one hurts others because freedom also means to enjoy life without others causing you pain of any description and therefore without you causing pain to others.
As subjective a topic as trying to define 'good'.
Good range of personal interpretations here:

Question Author
The author here, I will not be marking anything as the best answer as it is up to interpretation but I thank you for your participation.

//What a strange first post, homework maybe?//
I thank you Noami24 for already answering this question. No it isn't for homework and yes it is, it is my personal idea and topic for a film I and all others in my class must submit by the end of the year.
Theland; a rather selfish answer from you? Correct me if you think not, after you have reflected on it.
That's interesting, Someone.... I did look up all the definitions of freedom after you first posted.
There are so many important ones that depend on others to allow you to have your freedom, aren't there.
For me my first experience of freedom was to get away from my family and the Catholic Church. I suddenly knew what it was like to think for myself and that was freeing.
To go to the other end and this is not a factious answer. When I come home after a night out...those were the days...and I take off my bra...that is another feeling of freedom!
Good luck with your topic. It's an interesting one.
Freedom, oh freedom
Well that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walkin' through this world all alone
Don't your feet get cold in the wintertime?
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine
It's hard to tell the nighttime from…

Listening to music uninterrupted, if I had to inject music I would.
And I can spell facetious!
Here is one to consider, SomeonenSomething.
There is a very famous song called 'Me and Bobby McGee' and it contains the often quoted lyrics:
"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Nothin' ain't worth nothin', but it's free"

Most times I've heard it, it is only the first line ( 9 words) quoted, which is hard to decipher,and even when the second line is added it is still cryptic.

Here is a more lighthearted take on if a well known existentialist is 'free'
Atheist @ 20:31 - Not at all. Free to think, and articulate my thoughts, without thought control which is edging its way in.
Free to pursue my goals. My goals these days are strictly limited due to health constraints, but still involve helping out others where I can.
The freedom to speak out against injustice and in defence of my values.
I can't see how any of that would offend you?
It is a word which can mean different things to different people, the Zen-master could remain in a room for years & feel completely free. To someone who has been incarcerated against his will, say in a prison, simply opening & closing any door gives a great sense of freedom, (so I'm told)
Sounds to me like a research project.
The OP's reply at 20.26 was informative...
Theland 21:31.
Read the Screwtape Letters. Examine closely your words and you will find hints of self-interest.
"..and articulate my thoughts,..."
"... to pursue my goals..."
" defence of my values..."
I'm setting the bar high here, but I know that you also set the bar high in regard to your own moral values. Please don't take my words as condemnation or judgement, but consider them and look into your heart. There's not many here to whom I would say such a thing.
It was informative, Never. And what a good way to gather information for research. Searching for places to ask and asking.

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What Is Your Personal Definition Of Freedom?/ What Does Freedom Mean To You?

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