All The Presidents Men - Again!

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Theland | 04:11 Mon 18th Jan 2021 | Society & Culture
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Just watched, again, All The Presidents Men, about the Watergate / Nixon scandal.
Watergate was a symptom, not a cause of the scandal.
The real scandal was the conspiracy of silence between the FBI, The DOJ and the CIA with others to further the programmes of the deep state, which just happened to include president Nixon.
Real power can lie with, but is not exclusive to, the president.
Now there is a repetition of the scandal and Trump is removed, his reputation in tatters, and new laws in the offing to further attack civil liberties.
Biden is a puppet of the deep state, evidenced to begin with by looking at the unprecedented power of Silicon Valley.
Once again, the FBI, DOJ and CIA are complicit.
Nothing has changed.
It won't be long before the American people yearn for Trump to return.
Look beyond the headlines.
Its happening here too.


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Lala land
Question Author
La La Land? Wow! What a deep, thoughtful contribution to the thread.
Many thanks.
How can anyone make a deep and thoughtful contribution to a suggestion that all the evidence we can see and hear with our own senses - the thousands of insane tweets, ridiculous and demonstrably false statements, the totally crazy talk - is non-existent and Trump is the victim of some weird deep state conspiracy?
Why on earth would the American people yearn for the return of a mentally ill man?
Theland; what is the deep state? Is it what you are in much of the time?
// The real scandal was the conspiracy of silence//
in watergate?

people kept silent about watergate ? I dont think so - that is NOT how I recall it
// Why on earth would the American people yearn for the return of a mentally ill man?//

come on! come on! we arent talking about Trump
ter daah! ( and he hasnt gone yet)
Theland; what is the deep state? In your own words if you don't mind.
And I thought I was the pratfall winner today.
And Theland, if you did watch All the President's men, you'll have found there is no mention, or suggestion, of a 'deep state'.
well, have the CIA been orchestrating the burglary of any major US political party rcently?
jno: The CIA did not orchestrate a burglary at The Watergate. Nixon got Haldeman to ask the head of the CIA, Walters, to request that the head of the FBI, Gray, stop investigating the burglary. That he did. Walters, a political appointee, duly did what was asked and Gray, another Nixon appointee, acquiesced. We know because of Dean's evidence at the hearings, the Nixon tapes and because the number two at the FBI, Mark Felt, was Deep Throat (named by Woodward/Bernstein after his death). Felt was aggrieved for a number of reasons, primarily among them was the fact that he saw himself as the successor to Hoover and that, twice, Nixon had appointed someone else.
it was just a general question, Paigntonian. There didn't seem to be any point asking if the White House had been organising covert operations recently, as it's just changed hands. (I have no idea if Biden has even appointed a "Haldeman" yet.) None the less, if I recall correctly, it was the Watergate burglars' CIA connections that first attracted media interest.

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All The Presidents Men - Again!

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