Do You Or Have You Ever Been Able To Say That You Love Your Job?

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dave50 | 10:38 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Society & Culture
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I hear people especially when being interviewed on TV saying that they loved their job. I have never been fortunate enough to have been in that position, a job for me has always been a means to an end, to put food on the table etc, bearable but not particularly enjoyable. Also when people say this, do they mean they never want to give up work because they enjoy it so much or do they mean that as far as work goes it's good but they will still retire as soon as they get the chance?


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Yes. But it’s not very often due to the speed which things have to happen at.
I was a teacher and, yes, I liked my job but I retired as soon as possible.
I can honestly say that I loved 2 of my previous jobs and the one I'm currently in.
I loved teaching children. It was some other aspects of the job that I didn't like.

I still miss it.

Yes, 20 yrs as a RM, loved it, got a bit hairy a couple of times but you know it's going to when you sign up.
Loved, my job and still keep up with latest developments.
Happiest year of my life was the first year after qualification when I worked 100 hours a week with poor pay, but would have worked for no pay at all. Experience, feeling of being wanted, needed and appreciated was always there and what social life was needed was always available.
Strict rules, tough work schedules and responding to instructions without question made for a effective work ethic which has beeb slowly eroded over the decades.
Work always took priority over wife and children and I have never regretted that philosophy.
Work hard and rewards were at hand.
Postponed retirement and when it came........difficult to adjust.

Loved my job? It was my whole life and raison d'etre and it tears me apart to see it thrown to links and websites.
I have only ever done a job I like, couldn't do it otherwise. I have on occasions had short bad periods where I've not really liked it so much but it's bearable. I've had a lot of occasions where I love my job. Overall I'm pretty happy with my job.
Yes I loved my job. I had my own company for 30 years and loved the challenges, travelling and the respect I got.
I can honestly say I enjoyed my job. Well I had loads of contracts, but doing basically the same thing. From start to finish installing pipework services in new build hospitals, Schools colleges. Chemical plants. Sea going maintenance all over the world on cruise and cargo ships. Middle of deserts supervising pipework installation on palaces and oil employee housing. Etc etc.
I spent the last 12 - 15 months of my army service as Regimental Photographer. A position which earned me a place on the Regimental Intelligence Section during our 3rd tour of Ulster in '76/'77, and i can honestly say, i absolutely loved it.
Another job i 'quite liked' was as a welder where, once we had reached our bonus ceiling of 120%, it was job done. We couldn't leave the factory, but we could sit in the canteen and play cards for the rest of the shift. Or, when the sun was out, hop up onto the roof and do a bit of sunbathing.
Forgot to add; i am currently a semi-retired painter and decorator, which, for the most part, i love doing. Come March i have a decision to make as to whether or not to retire completely. Of course, my decision may well be influenced by Covid, as many of my bookings have had to be postponed/cancelled through the virus. Which all means that during 2020, i was more 'retired' than 'semi-retired' :-)
I have a love/hate relationship with my job. At times I could do it for nothing, and do indeed spend far more hours at it than I would ever get paid for. Then I have times where I could just walk away (but can't afford to just yet) and not go back. Fortunately, the latter is much less frequent.
For periods I used to, but not all the time. I worked to live, not vice versa.
Like sqad, my job was my life and I loved it. I had a complete work family who had been together for years, nearly all of whom loved it and believed in it as much as each other.

I knew that one day I would have to think about leaving and finding another life, and I'd just started to do that before the pandemic. Just as well because the whole industry was shattered; 90% of my colleagues were made redundant, hearts broken and people scattered to the wind.

Thankfully I was toward the end of my career and financially stable. I'm able to keep in touch with developments from the sidelines and have found a new restful life.

My question to you Dave50, is what job do you think you would enjoy if you could do anything at all?
loved it for a long time: good pay, short hours, world travel. But the job changed a lot because of computerisation, and I suddenly got my first bad boss. So when they offered me shedloads of money to take early retirement I took it because I figured I'd love it even more (I was right).
One job I loved and was brilliant at doing, ruined by a new insecure manager who undermined me, changed my plans that had on going ramifications for up to six months at a time, within 6 months I was off sick with stress, couldn't return to it.
A chance remark at a party led to me working with deaf children and sometimes those with special needs. Our head was a bit of a maverick and a fantastic head teacher who brought out the best in his staff. That led to a happy and highly thought of school. I loved working there.
I had to resign when I had to give more time to caring for MrG and for my mother. I trained as a massage therapist so I could work at home.
I was amazed at how successful that became and how much I loved it. After many years I decided to stop working completely and indulge myself.
Loving both didn't mean I never wanted to give up working or that good though it was I'd still retire as soon as I had the chance. I was lucky enough to do what I loved for as long as I wanted and retire when I wanted to.
I did like my job, but Covid is not bringing much joy to it as the moment, am really looking forward to the day we don't have to wear the full PPE any more
I loved my job at times and not at others....and loving a job doesn't mean that there aren't things you'd love more. I went from enjoying working with patients to enjoying changing services to make them better for patients.

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