Do You Or Have You Ever Been Able To Say That You Love Your Job?

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dave50 | 09:38 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Society & Culture
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I hear people especially when being interviewed on TV saying that they loved their job. I have never been fortunate enough to have been in that position, a job for me has always been a means to an end, to put food on the table etc, bearable but not particularly enjoyable. Also when people say this, do they mean they never want to give up work because they enjoy it so much or do they mean that as far as work goes it's good but they will still retire as soon as they get the chance?


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My nephew is back at work after recovering from Covid. He's on a cancer ward but back with Covid patients next week. I really don't know how you cope working all those hours every day in PPE, Campbell, I really don't.
Makes me so cross hearing about those who won't wear a simple mask for a trip to a shop.
Yes, and I'm not sure if I will ever properly retire.
I enjoy it and hate it at the same time. Is that possible?
There were times when I thoroughly enjoyed my work, in fact most of the time. There were also times when I could not wait to leave a job, not because of the work but because of the working environment. One of those was arguably the cushiest one I ever had (little effort, good remuneration, good provision) but the atmosphere from the very first moment was absolutely appalling - for example, I picked up a systemic error in my first week there and pointed it out. This led to me being targetted, to the best of my understanding because the error had gone unnoticed for many, many months and its discovery now was bad news for those who didn't think to look for it (very obvious to me). I left as soon as I could. On other jobs the environment was truly excellent. All of my jobs were effectively "for the duration" of specific tasks and it was never likely that I would stay on with the same employer.

I stopped working because, in the niche area I was working, it was going to be impossible to sell my services once I approached 65. I miss certain aspects of my working life but I had no trouble stopping. Everyone is replaceable/expendable.
I loved my job as a teacher and still miss it. Like Tilly, it was other aspects of the job that I didn't like
Sometimes. Repairing machines can be very satisfying, but the most satisfying is making stuff from scratch, taking the metal off the rack, and using workshop machines to make whatever.
Yes I can honestly say I loved my job but I had a fair amount of autonomy and worked with people I still call friends.
However - I was rather concerned about retirement but it didn't take me long yo get used to it.
And then I fell into another completely different occupation which I really enjoyed.
So after training as a Nurse which I didn't like much I have been very lucky.
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Well going by the replies, sounds like I missed out. Maybe I should have put job satisfaction above financial reward looking back. Oh well never mind I'm happily retired now.
I've 6 jobs since leaving school. I can honestly say i only loved 1 of them. But due to a lack of good financial advice i didnt persue it. I shouldnt complain regarding my current situation.
I had a varied career and changed jobs quite often in my younger years. I loved working at a well known post grad university after leaving college and then loved working for the Open University at its inception. Then after moving areas and being newly married I loved my job with an airline. I have liked other jobs since but not loved them. I ended up back in the education world for 10 years. Unfortunately, I ended up being a PA to a headteacher of a secondary school and hated it. Left just before retirement age and took a long holiday in Australia.
Great post, sqad .
Yes - there were times in my early (1970s) career in computers when I'd gladly have done the job without being paid - it was that interesting.

I also loved my time working in the field of dementia education and training - working for next to nothing at times, but doing work that I found so rewarding.

Now I'm head cook for a small Irish person - best job ever - no pay, but excellent fringe benefits ...

I always worked on the principle that you spend half of your waken life at work so, if you're unhappy there, your home life will suffer; I would have left a job very quickly had I not been happy there but never needed to.
Thank you my love.......thr night nurse would always rustle some eggs and bacon in the kitchen in the middle ofthe night and get the right nurse you could get " afters" inthe Linen Room-;)
Sqad - did that qualify for overtime or just leg-over time?
No, I don't love my job but that's down to another person and her attitude.

I had an interview last Wednesday via Teams and I got the job. Same Trust, different department. I can't wait to get started.
I loved my job in education, probation service and training. Agree with bhg481 about enjoying your job
Sqad - whatever do your children think of you?!!!
14.52 do you work for a lephrechaun? lol

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