How You Use The Cult Or Sect

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locusts | 13:35 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Society & Culture
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22:34 Sat 03rd Oct 2020 Theland /// 
Webster's 1913 Dictionary
a cult - Sect system of religious belief and worship. Oops??? you and I need to be careful in the way we use the word cult or sect.

after Jesus death in 69//70 CE and the full of Jerusalem by the Romans .
Israelites nation cease to Exist in God's eyes for the death of his son And so a new nation was drawn out of the Israelites and the gentiles at that time .so the new congregation started after Jesus' death and the fall of Jerusalem
The Mighty God had called them a stiff neck nation (Exodus 32.9.13} but the Mighty God kept his promise for Israelites who got out of Jerusalem at The Fall with the Romans they kept their integrity to their creator so those were the ones who became apart of the new congregation.
Acts 24. 14 .15 The Bible in Living English-- But this I acknowledge to you, it is in the way of the movement they call a sect that I am worshiping our fathers’ God, believing all that the law includes and all that is written in the prophets. 15 /,, Acts 28 .22


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If someone has asked you that question , it might have been better given as an answer on the thread rather than a stand alone.

I am often told I am in a sect being RC, it's not said in a kind way either.

Their problem,not mine.
Locusts; I think English is not your first language, and that causes problems for me because I can't always understand your posts. Best wishes.
Kenneth Williams used to describe himself as a Cult Figure.

Much missed, our Kenneth.
//you and I need to be careful in the way we use the word cult//

We need to be careful on how we spell it too.
'locusts' is an anagram of

SOS! Cult!

Jus' sayin'
where is mushie?
the two words have jargon meaning in anthropology
( and she is just the person to tell us what it is)
also in drama - " I am a priestess of the cult of Isis" that wd be the Egyptian goddess which was very popular in Rome at the same time. and then the priestess lets is all hang out and waggles her bottom. Isis apparently went in for sacred prostitution which they say is why none of the christian priests were er priestesses

oh I think 70 is late for the date of death of Jesus. I think it is nearer 35 AD. Didnt Pliny write to the emperor about these damned christians in 65?
smut instead of intelligent discussion
I should have known it

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How You Use The Cult Or Sect

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