What Ever Happened To Nox Lumos?

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joko | 17:42 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | Society & Culture
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I remember him from years ago, is he still around?


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his bucket of water was around for a while.
Last I heard from him he was well.
Last Activity: 23:59 Tue 10th Mar 2009
Left after a massive bust up with Sunny Dave.

Still posting in 2013
//Left after a massive bust up with Sunny Dave//

AB'ers dont leave,
we just change, shape & morph into a different incarnation!

Also left after a massive dust up with another ABer who still posts.
I've never seen Signed_Up as a status...?
That's Sharingan/Kvalidir etc's father isn't it (or are we not supposed to say - it wasn't a secret at the time).
That's what I thought, but wasn't sure.
There are many people who no longer post for
whatever reason

Just to mention a couple others who were
prominent in the news section -

Mickey - we know the reason

There was also
jake-the-peg - remember him ?
jake-the-peg was quite an intelligent bloke, a real "lefty".
His wife had malignant disease and unfortunately died.
Yes sqad - I remember his wife being ill

I think he stopped posting about that time

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What Ever Happened To Nox Lumos?

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