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MrChong | 10:35 Sun 18th Oct 2020 | Society & Culture
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I saw on your tube a smooth headed man talking satanic ritual abuse
Including murder and rape. Is true in UK? They say every town in UK have satanic ritual. It make me worrying for my childrens. How you can spot satanic person? I have watch subtitles. But very scary the smooth headed man say to other man Halloween happen a lot.


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Are you getting mixed up with satanic mills? We have those in this green and pleasant land. Mostly closed now though.
Question Author
No smooth head man never say mills? Is mill not a Holland House?
Anything watched on YouTube should be taken with a pinch of salt.
Satanic murder and rape are extremely rare in the UK.
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But watch smooth head man they talk about police make easy to happen also the satanic people take the homeless and child's in care homes. So not watched television so world understand inside. You not see it but perhaps they hiding for vision not.
It is true that the UK has pagans, white witches, druids and all manner of fringe cults. It certainly isn't true that satan worshippers murder and rape 'a lot'. There may be the rare person with mental health problems that commit atrocious acts because 'the devil told him to' but we also had the 'Yorkshire Ripper' who murdered many women because 'God told him to'.
You have no need to worry about satanic rituals or devil worshippers. Keep away from nutters on YouTube is my advice.
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Smooth head man i watching quite a lot of everything videos. She is really deciding the good guests.
I haven't looked at your youtube link, but this smooth-headed man - did he resemble Aleister Crowley at all? If so you might have something.
By the way, the correct term for the man is 'bald', not 'smooth headed'.
Chinajan - I'm not sure you're helping... :-)
Chinajan - he looks exactly like him! He is born again
Speaking of which - did you know that Jimmy Page used to live in Crowley's former home in Scotland? Boleskine House.

Every day's a school day.
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So he is son Alistair crawler? Is she important in UK?
Question Author
I have seen bald head man talk many guest and say they truthful
I think I beleive he lies. I am worry a lot.
Some say he's dead, that Crowley. But who knows?
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Ok thank you very well

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