Great Britain....who Do We Owe Money To?

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grandpajoe | 10:19 Fri 16th Oct 2020 | Society & Culture
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I am constantly reading about the National Debt which is said to be increasing massively because of Covid..As far as i am aware[and I am 74] we have always been in debt. But what i don't read,ever, is Who lends Britain the money???


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They owe it to people who buy government stock.....investment firms, private individuals...
Its national savings for example so thats us. And pension schemes with guilts and bonds etc.
Seems to be pleny of money available
With this negative interest, is that a government income now ?
Can I look forward to lower taxes ?
'Can I look forward to lower taxes ?'

ha.ha ha ha. ha ha ha haaaaa. HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
mostly we owe it to private citizens.
Unfortunately OG we have to pay back all the excessive spending, plus now Boris has trashed a load of jobs you will have to pay more tax to fund the benefits of the unemployed and of course make up for their shortfall.

Basically we are stuffed negative interest rate or not.
16.15 Glad you realise you are stuffed YMB.
So are you Gully, it is World wide.
16.26 I'm allright Jack , it's you lot who will suffer, enjoy.
half of it comes from the UK private sector, a quarter from overseas investors

The figures might have changed a little since then

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Great Britain....who Do We Owe Money To?

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