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hardy49 | 17:35 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | Society & Culture
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I belong to a bowls club and we have managed to have some sort of season albeit using the government guidelines and lots of sanitising.
Now that the season has finished we should like to invite members once a week to play games and just socialise. For a lot of our members meeting at the club is the highlight of their lives otherwise they are left very lonely at times.
Are we allowed to continue to use our clubhouse while still adhering to the distancing and making sure everything is sanitised.


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Scroll down to "What are the rules on mingling?" here:

My concern would be that, with everyone generally knowing everyone else within a bowls club, people wouldn't remain strictly within groups of no more than six and would tend to mingle with people from other groups.

'Mingling' seems to have become a key concern for the Government in their drive to keep transmission of Covid-19 down
and it's hard to see how such mingling could be avoided within the scenario that you've presented to us. (I ran the bar for a local bowls club for several years and I find it hard to imagine members keeping within groups of no more than six, while not mingling with other members too).
Dont mess with other peoples balls....ever!
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Thank you. Looks as if we will be unsuccessful
Are six enough to play and how often can you use the facilities? Maybe you could set up a system where the same group meets every time and you open for mroe than one day a week?
What’s the phrase...don’t make your risk my risk.
And the other one about all taking responsibility for everyone
Do the right thing, not just for yourself but for everyone.
If I was a member of your club I wouldn’t attend.
//I belong to a bowls club and we have managed to have some sort of season albeit using the government guidelines and lots of sanitising.//

Same here.
I think you'd be OK if it was indoor short mat, as that would still be "organised sport".
If not, I'd concur with Buenchico.
You could, of course, exploit the stupidity of the "Rule of Six" legislation.

You could invite six of your members to arrive at 2pm. Three of them could leave at 2:30 (they could go to a local pub and meet up with three other members there) to be replaced by three others. Four could leave at 3pm to be replaced by four others. Three could leave at 3:30 to be replace by three others (who might or might not be among those who had already visited but left earlier for the pub). In fact, quite a few of your members could meet each other over a few hours with this "mix and match" arrangement. A silly idea? Yes extremely silly - almost as silly as the legislation which I imagine has, as its aim, to prevent people meeting each other but which singularly fails to achieve that aim if exploited in even the simplest of manners.

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Numbers Of People Allowed

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