Blm - Undoing The Good?

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naomi24 | 13:58 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Society & Culture
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Alesha Dixon is a beautiful lady, funny, talented, personable - I’d hazard a guess a celebrity that few dislike. I always believed that people like her do more to break down racial barriers than those who run around pulling statues down, wiping history, demonising poets and writers, and ridiculously demanding apologies for historical, and hence unalterable, wrongs.

However, following dance group Diversity’s controversial performance on Britain’s Got Talent, which generated almost 25,000 complaints from viewers, BGT judge Alesha declared disdainfully, ‘They can kiss my black ass’.

Oh dear. So sad to see so much good compromised in one short sentence.

Your thoughts?


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Typical of many in the BLM movement which is a shame as the BLM was initially a moderate organisation until it got infiltrated by rentamob.
The whole affair has been saddening really and yes,I include Alesha's reply - I'm sure she could have couched it better and classier.

I was also disappointed that certain groups were sending out pro forma complaint forms urging people to 'Bring Diversity down' in order to swell the number of complaints.
Good for her. At least she said what most black folks would like to say!!!
Undoing The Good? - undone me old china.
Sharon //what most black folks would like to say!!!//
Not the black people that I have ever met.
Question Author
//I was also disappointed that certain groups were sending out pro forma complaint forms urging people to 'Bring Diversity down' //

Which groups, Mamyalynne, and to whom were they sending these forms?
I'll try to find out, it was a paragraph in one of the many newspaper articles about the topic.

I'm not even sure they named the groups responsible but I'll try to get more info.

I do know Tommy Robinson urged his followers to complain.
they had a point briefly after Floyd gate but all the looting violence and vandalism has eroded any kind of public support they may have had.
jumping on the bandwagon more like, prove your black credentials eh.
it's all become a farce to me, rioting protesting like britain is the 52nd of's and never will be, same with the extinction rebellion
the u.k is doing it's best with our environment, they should protest in
the states or china ouch, or india...
It was a totally ridiculous comment by Ms Dixon who up till then I've always liked and admired, just as I did Diversity, especially Ashley. She comes across as arrogant when she says that, as does Ashley when he called the people who complained 'ignorant'. A lot of people didn't approve of the dance and that is their right. It is an entertainment show and they brought their politics into it, which, in my opinion, was totally wrong.
Of course BLM are undoing the good in all areas. At the start of the new NFL season in America, the socially distanced reduced crowds booed the 'unity' demonstrations at the beginning of the games. And who's to say it won't happen here, when they let spectators into the Premier League games and the players 'take the knee'. There are so many popular BAME sports people, these actions seem totally misplaced.
I am convinced, sadly, these BLM driven displays will stoke up racism rather than stop it.
Thank goodness the ethnic minority members of my family are, lime me, co!our blind, and don't accuse me of white privelege.
BLM is an embarrassment to them.
Marg - I agree.
I cannot find the publication I based my first reply on, please disregard through lack of corroboration or I shall ask for its removed.

Now that OFCOM have decided on no action I hope the abuse this group have been getting will calm down.
You'd have to be some special kind of snowflake to be offended by a dance troupe. I bet 99% of the 25k didn't even see it.
And I hope the abuse from Banjo to the complainers stops now too.
14:33 - thanks.
Entertainment should be exactly that.
A satirical performance poking fun is fine, but an anti social
performance is not on.
It wasn’t her finest moment, but I’m prepared to forgive because I find her absolutely drop dead gorgeous - and she has the most sexy laugh I’ve ever heard.

Yes, I’m completely shallow.
What really angered me was the white dancer dressed as the poor cop kneeling on Banjo's neck - shame on him!

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Blm - Undoing The Good?

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