Why Are People Scared Of Clowns?

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Lombax | 21:34 Sat 29th Aug 2020 | Society & Culture
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Why do some people feel uneasy because of a man with a white painted face and big shoes and a red nose? Is it because of the scary clown movies that have been created?


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Pennywise, much scarier than a tin flute.
I can understand some children being afraid of clowns because of the gaudy painted faces and the outlandish costumes, not to mention that so many of them can fit into a small car, but for adults to be "afraid" of them is a little buffoonish.
Unless, of course, if your power goes off and you open the creaking door to your basement, switch on your flash-light, tentatively creep down the steps whilst sweeping away the cobwebs, and suddenly confront the most hideous cre.................
big ugly bloke coming at you with possibly water or other to chuck over you, who wouldn't run a mile, i don't like them, never did.
sanmac, not everyone here is an adult.
There are other imagined terrors discussed here often, with no basis in reality, just some loud voices.
Works every time.

sanmac - // … but for adults to be "afraid" of them is a little buffoonish. //

I suggest then that you don't suffer from any phobia yourself?

Any adult suffering from any phobia is entirely aware of the irrationality of his or her fear, but a phobia works on a sub-conscious level and appeals to the rational mind go unheeded.

I would imagine a fear of clowns may date back to a circus visit as a child, when an encounter could be frightening for a small child.

As for Mr King's wonderful creation, and the entire 'bad clown' nonsense that has piggy-backed onto it, it is his fiction, but it has had that unpleasant consequence as a result - a testament to the reach of his appeal and his skill as a writer.

I believe that any phobia sufferer deserves the respect of a little understanding, even if you are not a sufferer personally.
Clover - // Because they’re weird and you don’t know what they’re going to next. //

There are a few people on here like that!!
my other half will not go into the loft, alos hates pipes boilers in darkened rooms...i said it was because you watched the 1970's alien film..or maybe as a child a sibling may have locked you in an airing cupboard...pipes clowns im scared of neither, ithink a real fear would be, being made homeless in old age, and sleeping on the streets.
My electric bill terrifies me :-)
Therefore, Theland, you must have experienced a traumatically shocking experience as a child.
Fender, I also can’t go into any loft or basement. They freak me out. I don’t really know why except there’s a feeling I might find a dead body up (or down) there.
They can suspend you.
A rather astute observation there, SR.
Currently, I'm OK :-)
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It's not always clowns you need to be scared of.

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Why Are People Scared Of Clowns?

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