Why Do Some People Wear Socks Or Shoes In Their Home?

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Lombax | 21:30 Thu 13th Aug 2020 | Society & Culture
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Isnt it better to walk on barefeet when you are home?


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Barefoot is good as long as you don't have children that leave lethal toy traps - then,a sturdy but comfy slipper is ideal.
have you done a Lego brick count recently?

My house is nice for going barefoot in summer, cold in winter.
For people like me, who were brought up in homes with uncarpeted floors (with just cold linoleum on them), it's probably a matter of habit.

Laziness might also come into it though, as I simply can't be bothered to take my shoes off when I get home ;-)
I went barefoot for four months whilst I was working from home because of lockdown. I believe it caused plantar fasciitis. I’d have worn shoes if I’d have known.
Why wouldn't folk wear socks and/or shoes ?
To keep their feet warm
I always take my shoes off when I get inside my house. I put socks on if my feet are cold.

My dad wears shoes indoors even if he’s not going out later, which I find a little bit weird.

I read a newspaper article recently which said it’s not good to walk around barefoot because your feet will splay. I’m not taking any notice of that. I love shoes but I don’t like ‘wearing’ shoes, if you know what I mean.
Do they wash the soles of their feet as often as their hands?
Feet sweat more than hands too.
Practical experiment - lick a friend's hand, then try that on their feet...
Stubbed toes are very painful. Sweaty feet leave footprints on uncarpeted floors. Bare feet have no grip on wet floors. Cold feet can be painful. Your feet are ugly.

not when you have children, their toys are lethal.
It's personal choice isn't it!
//Practical experiment - lick a friend's hand, then try that on their feet...//

There are websites that cater for those sort of activities venator.
Please keep in mind AB is a family friendly site.
1ozzy, when I went to school in Port Kembla shoes were not part of the uniform. They were optional, although nearly everyone would wear them.
I always wear comfy slippers indoors.
Socks/ shoes protect the feet .. carpet/ flooring. My daughter drives me mad going barefoot.
yep I leave the Rhythms and almonds off when I'm at home.
I have a cat. When he was young he used to attack my feet. Now that he is older he leaves his toys lying around for me to stand on or trip over.

It is best to wear slippers.
I have to wear fitted arch supports due to fallen arches so for me it would cause pain and balance problems if I went barefoot.
For people who are diabetic I believe they have to be extra careful with their feet to avoid injury or infection.
sorry forgot answer the main question: "Why Do Some People Wear Socks Or Shoes In Their Home? " - My plates sweat a lot inside my almonds so I like to let the air get to them when I can.
I always go barefoot at home, winter and summer.

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Why Do Some People Wear Socks Or Shoes In Their Home?

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