False "Advertising"

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QuizmasterG | 09:16 Wed 12th Aug 2020 | Society & Culture
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I'm not sure if this is in the correct category!
I recently visited my grandson and asked him what he would like as a little treat.
"Macdonalds!" (I will not repeat out loud what I thought of that)
Visited said food outlet and he ordered what looked like a nice burger and fries shown on the nice shiny menu/advert board.
When he got it and opened up the box there was this disgusting mess which bore absolutely no relation whatsoever to the picture shown on the board.
WHY have Macdonalds (and other food sellers) not been pulled up by trading standards, or other regulatory bodies, about blatantly false advertising?
Surely people aren't so blinded by the thought of a cheap burger that they accept any old *** thrown at them?
Perhaps it needs looking into?


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Did you complain? Its years since I had a Mac and I do enjoy them but unless there has been a kitchen malfunction, they always looked like the picture.
McDonald's food is usually as shown. If you are so anti them why did you still take your grandson? It was never going to be a 'happy treat' was it?
One should never be taken in by any fast food outlet advertising their products photographically. Most, if not all, of these photographs have been produced by a team of specialists - food stylists, art directors, photographers, props experts, assistants, etc, etc, etc. In fact, many of the products photographed are not edible, such is the length of time it takes to set up and produce the 'shots'. Take the humble burger; meat is superficially cooked, tinged with a colourant and browned with a torch, only the tomato rind is used to avoid any juices spoiling the shot, the contents of the burger are held together with toothpicks to avoid sagging of the bun. The edges of melted cheese are often been brushed with domestic cleaner to make them look 'melted' longer. Bon appetit!
Same as foods you buy from the supermarket. The pie/cake/pizza etc looks nothing like the picture on the box.
If I've not been happy with what I've had from McDonald's, I've taken it back to the counter, explained what's wrong and they've replaced it.
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"Its years since I had a Mac"
Have you been recently?

It was my grandson's choice, not mine.
How do you go about retrieving a "treat" from a child who thinks it is marvellous?

Did you not complain at the time?

Will you be complaining to Trading Standards?
A few photographs and a strong complaint at the time would have brought you results.

Firms only get in bother when people complain to trading standards after getting no satisfaction at source.
I must admit I am not a MaccieD fan but on the occasions I have eaten them they seem pretty much as advertised.

Are you sure you were not letting your prejudices get in the way of your judgement? And if so bad why didnt you complain? As pointed out above although I have never had the need to complain I have seen others do it and they just swap it out no questions.
>It was my grandson's choice, not mine.
How do you go about retrieving a "treat" from a child who thinks it is marvellous?

Did he enjoy it then? If he was happy I don't see the problem. If he wasn't then you should have let them know and say what you were expecting.
I don't think there would have been any difficulties getting a replacement or possibly even a refund- the staff are probably on little more than minimum wage and it's no skin off their nose to give a replacement
they go to great lengths so that the food is the same everywhere
even abroad
there is a Macdonalds in Aswan - no I didnt try

In my life time I've had two Macs, the second one just to see if the first one really was as bad as I thought it was, it was ,I didn't finish it.
Both were over 30 years ago, would not go near them again.
We very rarely have a burger cooked at home as neither of us are particularly keen.
However, I just love an occasional Big Mac, everything about it, even the way it slides about as you’re trying to eat it and you end up covered in mayo.
I find the burgers and fries at Burger King tastes better than McD

Can't recall the last time I've been to McD , or BK ,though

Why have KFC abandoned fries in favour of chips ?

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False "Advertising"

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