Ecto-Genesis And Biobags En Route ?

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sevenOP | 13:09 Wed 29th Jul 2020 | Society & Culture
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Fascinating discussion on R4 'Woman's Hour' with enormous ethical and sociological implications ( and cruelty-free 'clean meat' also discussed)

starts at 21.19 ends 34.31


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could you do a precis?
Question Author
This is from BBC R4 Link above:

"In her book Sex Robots and Vegan Meat, journalist Jenny Kleeman explores seismic changes in four core areas of human experience: birth, food, sex and death. Jane will be talking to Jenny about the implications of fully functioning artificial wombs, what sex robots mean for future relationships between men and women, who the people are shaping the technological changes taking place and how soon these inventions will become an inevitable part of human life."
sigh....same old same old
Question Author
"sigh....same old same old" ????

The same old 'very latest innovations in technology ??

Did you listen to the *entire* 14 minutes woofgang ?
Wants me to sign in. Might go looking for the username/password later.

If artificial wombs work well I can envisage many women opting for it. Some may still want a proper connection with her devrloping child though.

As for sex robots, they'll make more or less as little difference to men/women relationships as other sex tools have past & present. A relationship is different to a regular momentary pleasure. That said there may be some who opt out of a relationship because they would only put up with one for the 'physical intimacy'. But if that's what they want then fine. Maybe the population will shrink to a more manageable level.
Those possiblities and the possible outcomes have been being discussed for years. Hitchhikers guide had an animal in it that wanted to be eaten and was capable of saying so. Star Trek of course has replicators. Artificial wombs are in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and sex robots are in one of CS Lewis' Silent planet trilogy.
one of the Wizard of Oz books had a very polite tiger that always asked people for permission to eat them.
Question Author
Novels are fiction, the Linked discussion was factual and most of the subjects discussed are reality now.

"Maybe the population will shrink to a more manageable level."

Manageable for whom, eh O_G ) ; ^ Ö
So much to discuss in this short interview.

An interesting discussion, but a rather obsessed author. The idea that pregnancy is the last bastion of feminine inequality is, quite frankly, laughable. PMT will not be alleviated by bio-bags.

She makes a good point towards the end of the discussion when postulating behavioural change is another (preferable?) solution to the problems that sex robots will allegedly alleviate (e.g. battered wives).

The suggestion that male sex robots will never catch on is self-delusional on her part.

Nevertheless I'm tempted to get the book from the library.
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Indeed Canary, it was packed full with *current* relevance and social ramifications.

I have been followed with interest the rise in on-demand Cesarean deliveries in our wealthier societies and was unable to find any research/polls on whether women would prefer donating their egg and adding chosen sperm and having an artificial womb do all the uncomfortable work ( her husbands sperm or DiCaprio's/Kissinger's/./././.... what a potential market ), maybe from comfort, safety or other reasons.

Sex dolls with 'limited' learning capacity who desired to be raped/beaten/gang-raped et cetera alarms me, kiddy robots with similar malleable proclivities is beyond the pale.

And that is not even getting to the 'real meat' ( clean meat) in the talk.

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Ecto-Genesis And Biobags En Route ?

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