Where Are The Trolls?

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Atheist | 21:18 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | Society & Culture
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I'm surprised that I haven't been trolled since my earlier post. Does anyone here identify as a troll? If they do but don't send inflammatory comments, then I'll reply politely. If they reply abusively, then I'll add them to my list of time wasters. Best wishes.


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What earlier post?
Trolls lives matter?
I don't think anyone would likely admit to being a troll.
Do they wear frocks?
You're already on my list of timewasters.

What unsupported and unreasoned assertions are you talking about?
Question Author
Jim, I can't remember. It was a reply to another AB post. Of course, I might have thought I'd replied, but have pressed the wrong key. Sorry I can't direct you to the right place. I had checked out what was the definition of a troll and found that it was probably someone who enjoys stirring up trouble amongst otherwise sensible discussers for their own anonymous fun, either for their own strange love of causing dissent, or because they were stooges or pawns of a higher level manipulator.
I'm a troll. I live under a bridge and eat billy goats.
Oh dear, that's not me then.
Question Author
Thanks, Roy; we're both on each other's lists now. Bye.
Go into your profile and click on 'answered'. Your replies will be there.
As I type *** but won't/can't back it up.

Typical super-lefty trait.
fol de rol

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Where Are The Trolls?

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