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Hardatit42 | 13:32 Tue 14th Apr 2020 | Society & Culture
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Is there a route for money to be donated direct to the NHS, and not via any of the many charities that are shown on the net?.


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Jordy, all the people you mention are getting their wages - as are NHS staff. I don't believe money donated to the NHS pays wages - it helps pay for other things.
15:39 Tue 14th Apr 2020
Just guessing. If there are any banks open close by, they may be able to help with payments direct to NHS although can't be sure. Worth asking unless anyone on here is more knowledgeable.
I'm not an expert but I think the nearest you can get is donating actual equipment to a specific hospital. But someone more knowledgeable will probably be along shortly.
My local hospital has a fundraising office that you can donate money to. Not aware of anything on a national level, though.
Some people will only donate if somebody else is climbing mountains, running 1000 miles, or singing non stop songs and dancing for days on end.
''To raise money for ............ ''
Wjy can't people simply give without the shenanigans?
Is there a charity for the checkout staff in our stores?
Is there a charity for the bus drivers?
Is there a charity for the care home staff?
Is there a charity for chemist staff?
Is there a charity for the young man with my food delivery?
Where do you draw the line?
Help your suffering family in silence.
I do each month, with NI payment.
''Hey Dad, can you ............. ''

Of course its always yes.
But nothing left for anybody climbing 100 trees in ten minutes to raise money for whatever.
I've got my monthly standing orders to support a few things, don't need a publicity seeker to prompt me.
JORDY, dont worry, it's not compulsory to donate to charity.
If you only knew,
If you only knew
Jordy, all the people you mention are getting their wages - as are NHS staff. I don't believe money donated to the NHS pays wages - it helps pay for other things.
JORDY, do you know otherwise?
This is how one hospital trust does it

If you want to donate directly to your local hospital see if there is any information on their website
I would like to pay a bit more to the NHS - and I'm happy when we have to pay more tax and maybe NI once the economy can sustain it- but I'm not sure funding the NHS is an issue at the moment. If 10 million of us donated a £1000 that would be £10 billion which would be a drop in the ocean and I struggle to see where it would help. What might help is donating to those private care homes who have to fund their own PPE and pay overtime to cover the extra workloads with reduced staffing due to absence
Why is it when large sums of money are mentioned, i.e. in this case 10 billion to the NHS, it's just 'a drop in the ocean'? I'm sure a hell of a lot could be done with that much money.
Well 10 billion is 10 billion but funds are pretty much unlimited at the moment- so I'm not clear what would it be spent on now that isn't being spent already. But also when we spend £140billion a year another £10billion could disappear, being spread so thinly, without anyone really seeing much benefit unless it was allocated for a particular purpose. We'd need a much bigger increase every year for us to make a significant difference
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The reason for my meagre donation arose while I was in a Tesco garage and saw an NHS van being topped up by a uniformed lady driver.
Fuel is not cheap and I thought that, although it would not be much, I could pay to fill that vans few times via a donation.
But how direct, we will see!
Jordy, hope you get over your rant

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Donate Direct To Nhs

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