Curfew To Last At Least 6 Months Ch4

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pumpjack | 03:38 Fri 03rd Apr 2020 | Society & Culture
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Uk Could be in lockdown for 6 months ch4 news.
Do yous think society can sustain this


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Well if is not 6 months they could say well we said it could be .Id say when hopefully this is all over about 82 % of all theories will have been proved wrong .Simple no body knows so why say these things .
Is think it could be anywhere between 3 months and six months. It could be longer but they know people won't be able to carry on like this for 6 months so they will have to start relaxing things. The economy couldn't cope with more than 6 months either. The key could be testing for current infections and antibodies. The warm weather will help although only marginally.
It is NOT a curfew.
I don't fancy six months of frustration in getting delivery slots at the supermarket.
What will be will be.
We're all going to be a lot fitter in 6 months time judging by the numbers of people now walking and jogging an hour a day
It'll last as long as those with the police and army behind them want it to.
Riots on the streets before then I think.
I am waiting for the first food delivery van to be hijacked.
^Is that what you'll be doing Theland?
What is "yous" ??
Female sheaps.
What are "sheaps" lol
It's what wes in Liverpool, Glasgow and sometimes Newcastle say instead of you. ("What are yous lot doing about it ")

Qualifying words should be in caps, and preferably in bold, too.

People ignore them otherwise, and panic.

Hot summers are the riot season.
This is the sort of post that should have some sort of link to it.
Otherwise it counts as baseless rumour.
I don’t think there has ever been any suggestion that the current state of affairs will last six months. Things may get stricter for a short while but all I have heard is that measures will be eased and reimposed as the situation demands.
There does come a time I’m afraid when to quote Trump (sorry) the cure becomes more harmful than the disease.
That says "restrictions on normal life" not lockdown. It has been said many many times that restrictions will be lifted slowly and carefully and the results monitored

I have cabin fever.

This is worrying.

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Curfew To Last At Least 6 Months Ch4

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