New Lidl Store. Vultures Descend.

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Atheist | 22:01 Wed 18th Mar 2020 | Society & Culture
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New Lidl opens tomorrow at 7 am here in Twickenham. People already arrived to camp out in the car park. I'm not surprised, but very sad at the shameless selfishness of some people. We are in an affluent borough, and they've been stripping the other supermarkets for a week. Surely their freezers and garages must be full


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Is that the one that is opening where the old Wickes used to be in Fulwell?
Question Author
Yes it is, but I hope you're not asking so that you can go there and join in!
Why would I? I heard it was going to be a Lidl. At least it will have parking and it's about time that space was used for something.
Question Author
Well, it was used for a Wickes and that was handy. However, nice for us to have a Lidl close by within walking distance. They do a good wine of the week offer every Thursday, but I doubt if I'll be able to get in. Tomorrow it's Chilean Merlot reduced from 4.09 to 2.99.
I remember when it was Great Mills (before Wickes).
come on, you've no idea whether other people's freezers are full; it might be the first time in a week they've bought anything; they might be buying for friends or neighbours who are already in isolation. No point in assuming the worst of everyone.
It took me 3 shops before I got a block of butter (don't like the spreadable stuff) - anoyingly I had to get it from Markies rather than Aldi or Poundland prices!
Hopefully the shop will crack down on mass buying.
Nobody is camping outside Lidl.
Question Author
Maybe I was misinformed about the campers.
And don't forget that people who seem to be buying a lot might well be shopping for family members or neighbours. Tomorrow I'm heading out to do my shopping and get things for two neighbours; others will be doing the same.
theer's a tweet a little way down this page

A woman tried to buy 80 tins of tomatoes at Aldi. The manager put 76 of them back. The woman was cross.
That's good news - my twin in Hanworth will be pleased to hear that, he's getting fed up with my continually going on about Lidl (they opened a new store a couple of miles from me last year)
Dundee Lidl nearest to me had plenty of loo roll and bread today but no eggs or long life milk. Seems to change from day to day.
if you're over 70 or otherwise vulnerable you could try Sainsbury's first hour tomorrow or Tesco's on Friday.
Question Author
30 to 40 yard queue across the front of the store. Can't imagine what it's like inside.
//Surely their freezers and garages must be full //

Some things, toilet rolls, nappies, etc., are being sold on ebay. Creatures!
"are being sold on ebay."

Why not? It does give some people a chance to order them to their door, which is sanitary, and it allows people to get stuff when there is none for them to get, and if that's the case is it not worth a tiny bit of upsale? If the demand is there...

Companies do it all the time with actual products why would you expect less from Karen off facebook.
sod the virus start machine gunning the cretins.
Went to Sains this morning (before 9am) as I wanted to get some lamb mince to make a shepherds pie for the freezer. All that was left was - a few packs of minced beef, a couple of beef joints, one lamb leg steak and a packet of chicken livers. Two boxes of UHT milk had been put out (one of my staples) - gone. The funny thing is, there is loads of fresh milk on the shelves but people don`t seem to want that.

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New Lidl Store. Vultures Descend.

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