Covid-19 Over The Top?

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jamesbutts1 | 20:11 Wed 18th Mar 2020 | Society & Culture
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hi i was wondering why has everything got blow up after me finding out that 150,000 people a day die then when this corona comes along and its killed around 8000 people over 3 months its such a big deal?


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I know what you mean. I was listening on the radio to an 'expert' saying if this had happened 50 years ago, we would not have had the technology to detect the virus and just put the high 'death count' down to it being a bad flu season. So is technology to blame? Answers on a postcard...
I do agree that we may not have known but that doesn't mean we should all shrug and go "oh take no notice it doesn't matter if loads of people die"
Oh dear God. Are people like you, Jamesbutts really unable to see what is happening? What this virus means?
That would be 8000 people who wouldn't have otherwise died. You'll not think it such a big deal if one of yours becomes one of the fatalities.
Is the point not that, without a disease we'd still be asking what's for dinner and arguing about gender preferences.

Death is inevitable, some of the natural deaths over the piece may have registered as positive for the virus but it had no actual bearing on the cause of demise.
yes, it's well known that a substantial subset of corona-positive people dying have actually been run over by buses. There are Venn diagrams.
Asian flu pandemic 1957
I know what you mean, and I understand your point.
I am in a very high risk group with chronic diseases and low immunity, so even if I am one of the unfortunates who might catch it and die, then what the hell?
Right now I can't help looking for any opportunity for a bit of gallows humour, even if some find it a bit offensive.
Ha ha what is the alternative?
Sit around hoping that when the Grim Reaper is on patrol, he will pass me by and think the painted cross on the door is not worth the bother?
Better to adapt the strategy and attack FIRST. With gallows humour and lots of belly laughs.

(Or am I wrong?)
How old are you, Theland?

If you were half your current age and with the same underlying conditions - as, presumably, some people are - would you feel the same way?
jno's peeved at an alternative view of the situation, Theland, others will arrive presently, suitably sarky and passive-aggressive.
The Black Death killed about 30% of people in this country. There was no cure for it and there's currently no cure for Covid-19.

If Covid-19 is allowed to get going in the same way that the Black Death did, that will result in around 20 million deaths in the UK alone.

So it does seem sensible to try to prevent that happening!
So two virus's walked into a pub, ( right, I'm working on the rest of the joke). :-)
On that basis, james, were 9/11, Hillsborough, Grenfell, Arena bombings, numerous terror attacks, Northern Ireland troubles killings, knife deaths, Chernobyl, numerous wars, mass shootings , tsunami deaths, etc all no big deal as they were small in numbers compared with your 150,000 a day world deaths
I doubt very much though, Buenchico, that if left unchecked Covid19 would kill 2 million let alone 20 million in the UK unless you mean over many years
I was 69 in January.
Fight it with everything.
Testing, Isolation, Common Sense, Support wherever we can help each other, but laugh and laugh and keep your *** up :-)
That word was a bird that pecks trees :-)
It's true that a percentage of covid 19 deaths would have occurred anyway due to the underlying disease processes that make victims more likely to succumb. A number of elderly cardiac and lung patients, leukaemia and cancer patients who would have died during this period will just register a different cause of death. However not all of them that fall victim would have died during this epidemic despite being on a terminal pathway.

Having completed a number of cause of death investigations I expect many will be recorded for example.... End stage pulmonary disease exacerbated by covid 19, primary cause of death covid 19 secondary cause chronic myeloid leukaemia, additional contributing conditions type 2 diabetes, congestive cardiac failure,etc.
It's frequently multiple cause of death under normal circumstances

Just so, rowanwitch.

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