Covid-19 Over The Top?

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jamesbutts1 | 20:11 Wed 18th Mar 2020 | Society & Culture
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hi i was wondering why has everything got blow up after me finding out that 150,000 people a day die then when this corona comes along and its killed around 8000 people over 3 months its such a big deal?


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//Covid-19 Over The Top?//

Come back in three more months and perhaps you'll have an answer.
So the violin lessons I have booked might prove to be a waste of money?
Just my luck.
Might just sell it.
//This will kill many more people, and ruin many more lives, before it is all over. Hysteria it is not.//

Talk of 20 million deaths in the UK is hysteria.
I hope it is Spicy:-(
// I am sure people survived the black death gradually forming part of an immune population,//

er 1665 - there were survivors - they found work as the ones crying bring out your dead! - also Eyam is where the vicar persuaded them to self isolate. Yup 1665 again and I cant remember how many died - 30% perhaps
and now...... the descendants are immune from HIV - shares the same receptor. darwin and all that
yup start gnawing Rowan !

if they hadn't it would still be killing huge numbers today instead it fizzled away as plagues have done through history. Nope
Plague bacillus - P Pestis usually sortta dwells in the Black Rat flea - rattus rattus - and xenopsylla cheopsis
and er the flea doesnt dwell on Rattus Norwegicus - Norwegian rat
and since R Norvegicus is now the commonest rat on ships - you dont see Plague now.
if you have finished one limb - start on another !
Vietnam has plague ( and therefore must have Black rats) and the last one in England was 1908 east anglia - six deaths

last case was in a technie in Porton Down 1962 - it was impressed on us that if we had as sloppy bacteriological technique as he did then we would all DDDIIIIIEEEE !

sorry about that - I dont suppose you have got down to here

oh hahaha in the indian outbreak, I must tell you, the rats came out of the sewers and died - but they also run along rafters, and in plague times, die half way across and fall dead as doornails onto the floor
This is called rat-fall. Yup they have a name for it
no rat-fall no plague -so there was doubt whether it was true-bill

o god someone is gonna press the report button arent they?
No it's interesting.
I may have missed it, but as far as I was aware, "20 million" was about cases, rather than deaths.
If you are referring to this thread, you have missed it.
At the moment it all looks way OTT. Hopefully, it will remain that way.
So I did.

But then, I was referring to official projections, rather than Chico projections.
There are much worse things can happen; my golf club has yesterday closed down & I'd just paid my eye-watering annual subscription!
Please excuse my lack of mind-reading skills, it's much trickier over the internet.
Khandro - And I thought I had problems :-(
A line for the song maybe?
I think it’s a case where worst case scenarios are highlighted to bring home the need to take precautions.
I don’t believe for a moment that the number of deaths will come anywhere near the figures being quoted, but no one wants to take a chance.
And the problem with spinning this out as is being talked about is going to bring own social, economic, and health issues
I knew you were going to say that :)

I *did* miss Buen's sensationalist figure, which is clearly nonsense. That shouldn't be allowed to distract from the fact that there is a genuine and serious health crisis, and that many will die before it's over.

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Covid-19 Over The Top?

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