Biased Bbc - Totally Wrong And Misleading Again

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pumpjack | 12:20 Sat 28th Dec 2019 | Society & Culture
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this mornings bbc news ( try not to watch it ) had an article about race hate

the picture was a white male with an england scarf around his face.

why wasnt there even an asian / black face next to it ....

can you see the BBC for what it is now ?


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A white male with an england scarf around their face ?

Maybe the available asian / black faces wouldn't go near.
Without knowing what, specifically, the report was about, it's hard to make a judgement. If it was about race hate in football, which seems to be happening a lot lately, then having a photo of a white supporter may not be surprising.
I’m puzzled as to why you think it had to have an Asian / black face next to it. Were the words of more than two syllables a bit difficult for you?
You have no link and even if there were, your advice is not to watch it. Brilliant!
Nope, but I'm starting to see you for what you are.
A quick look back at pumpjack’s profile will affirm that, mozz.
PUMPJACK, are you not a wee bit biased?
Question Author
" I’m puzzled as to why you think it had to have an Asian / black face next to it. Were the words of more than two syllables a bit difficult for you? "
no !!! and you must be thick not to realise that this was directed soley on white people, as if no asians or blacks are at fault.

anyone with bbc iplayer can look it up themselves, this mornings news around 6-7am
But you told us to try not to watch it.
The point being made may be that in every other TV item for the last however long BAME characters are featured, some may say crowbarred in, for balance so why not in this case.

Just trying to help.

And balance.
"balance" is all very well when you're trying to reflect the overall balance of the population; but if you're only going to have one photo, it's got to be a white male (and not from Scotland, they're such a wee minority)
PUMPJACK, if you can tell me when it appeared in the programme, I will have a look at it.
Maybe there's an item coming on stabby gang culcha to even it up.
In my humble opinion, the BBC is biased in favour of any minority group, obviously, in the interests of diversity, inclusiveness and general political correctness.
Remember when Non-White people are racist it's just fighting the oppression.
// can you see the BBC for what it is now ?//
o god people ask these open questions
as if to say - and anyone from a chimpanzee up can conclude X Y and Z
the only problem for me is that I cant see the conclusion.

You can write and point out their mistakes
they do take some notice

recently we had - one hackette said of Trump ( your fave I know) - "he is complaining that this is a Salem witch hunt, and everyone knows they were burnt."
1692 - no hanged actually

and this morning when the Poet was chairing today prgramme

so and so's poetry was dum dee dum, gum dee gum a bit like Tennysons Hiawatha....

oops no- a bit like Longfellows Hiawatha (*)

(*) by the shores of gitchee goomee, but the shining big sea water
stood the wigwam off Nukomis, daughter of the moon, Nukomis

[yeah he wrote dat one and not dis one]as sperhaps a AB longfellow might quip
In terms of balance
the beeb hacks feel that for every voice saying "yeah" there has to be one saying "nay"

and so for example - in Samoa, where 70 kids have died from measles, when they say that everyone has to be vaccinated, or else More Kids Will DIIIIIIE !
they feel they have to give air time to anti-vaxxers ( or baby killers) for the alternative reasoned view
Quite honestly it drives the doctors, CRAZY !

altho in Samoa they arent enforcing inoculation, the anti vaxxers are running riot and if you havent inoculated your kids you have to hang a red flag outside the house ( yes that way round)
oh and the prime minister ( of samoa's that is!)'s brother who is a leading anti vaxxer has flown his uninoculated family into to 'help'

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Biased Bbc - Totally Wrong And Misleading Again

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