Technology & Art: How Uk Expresses Their Importance

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gl556tr | 08:22 Thu 26th Dec 2019 | Society & Culture
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Recent weeks have shown how UK Ltd values its home-grown technology and a painting. The former was allowed to be grabbed by a foreign firm. The latter was given an export ban.
This, at a time, when BRexit surely needs all its home-grown, valued resources as a spring-board to fashion its own commercial future.
--> A painting would hardly fit into such a category.
Excellent British names in their particular technical-scientific niches have, over the past decades, been allowed to be taken-over by overseas interests.
Once sold, a piece of our rapidly-depleting 'silverware' will often be awfully difficult to replace.
Meanwhile, countries like France fight tooth and nail to retain their home-grown firms. Time to adapt such a stance here, before it is too late!


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I have no idea what you are talking about
Commercial companies take their chances re takeovers. They should strive to ensure that they're not a target. Art is treated differently. It's considered national treasure and can be bought but might be restricted to staying in this nation. I don't see that one can reasonably compare the two. Unless you're suggesting that the goverment nationalises all commercial companies here.
Question Author
Time was when 'home-grown' firms that developed technological prowess became so invaluable the UK government would never have considered transferring control to foreign hands.
Margaret Thatcher changed this.
Is this a reference to Gorgon Brown giving away our gold reserves?
Question Author
Not only UK's gold reserves, but firms of the calibre of AMD, for instance.
If the firms are private then the government have no say, neither should they.
Who wanted the painting, it couldn't have been Donald Trump?
IMO gl556tr you are talking a load of rubbish, with no substantiating evidence.
you quoting Advanced Micro Devices point of view?

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Technology & Art: How Uk Expresses Their Importance

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