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tinkerbell23 | 07:08 Mon 20th May 2019 | Society & Culture
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Is it professional to attend such protests?

The one in question is a peaceful, silent protest- but obviously controversial.

Can/should this affect someones profession?


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It would depend on the profession - joining an anti abortion rally might affect a doctor more than an accountant.

It would also depend on your employer, if you had one.
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Great point. X
My son works for the civil service and he's not allowed to express any political opinions on social media.
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I avoid it too Ummm!!!

Have to be so careful with social media- I have saw many made an example of!!

I think the potential problem would be if any photos were posted on social media or news.....

One needs to examine what one truly believes in and have the integrity to prioritise it. Is the protest worth causing possible career difficulties with, or not ? Work out how likely any created issues are, how serious the consequences, and then do as one thinks is right and practical. We all have to live with ourselves.
Tbh it’s hard to think of any protest that would harm an accountant. But remember most professions pride themselves on non-discrimination, so any protest against, say, Muslims wouldn’t go down well, and the same might be true of rallies for political parties that preach any kind of discrimination.
I think it depends on the protest and what you mean by affecting the profession.....I mean you (one) might not get struck off, but I could imagine that an accountancy firm might not want to be associated with someone who went to an "Eat the Rich" protest, or with any kind of Brexit protest in support of either side for instance.....if the firm deals with farmers, then protests against eating meat might not go down well and so on. As for should it......well if its going to prevent you from doing the work that you are employed for then I think yes it should.
do you have an example
as ever
it depends on the profession and the issue and the protest -

Abortion surprisingly, has an exemption in the Act - no one need take part if they have religious objections
so a protest may well be allowed

didnt a doctor allow hismelf to be water-boarded ( average time before giving in is less than 60 s I am sure Baldric will confirm) outside congress during torture hearings?

there was also one who cannulated himself for force feeding yup outside congress again

I also think it depends if you say you are a doctor
and again what you say

I am a doctor and the GMC says the army is murdering little babies in Yemen - may get you into trouble
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The protest is anti-discrimination.

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Me personally, I am a nurse x
Tink,Why would that protest have a detrimental effect on anyone’s profession ?
It's professional to do the job at hand. If your job consists of protesting, then do so. If not, then don't. It's more professional to "strike" as part of a union, rather than "protest".
If a teacher randomly started protesting in a school, they would be fired. If they went on "strike" as part of a union, they would not be fired.
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Its absolutley nothing to do with the job.

Just a strong personal belief against bigotry & racisim.
If it's not during work time then i don't see why it has anything to do with professionalism.
The trouble with peaceful protests are the dipsticks who turn up to make sure it is anything but.
do you think the protest will have any effect....and yes have you considered that the protest may start peacefully but not end that way?
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There has been a recent one, went peacefully- however if things ever escalated I would have to remove myself as I couldnt afford to be arrested etc.

You’re easily smart enough to step away from any scenes of battle. I don’t think a protest against discrimination would be controversial at all. (Highly honourable, I would have said.) Go for it.

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