What Kind Of Friends Do You Want?

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goodlife | 12:22 Wed 15th May 2019 | Society & Culture
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The Bible expresses an inescapable truth when it says: “The one walking with the wise will become wise, but the one who has dealings with the stupid will fare badly.” (Proverbs 13:20) This proverb speaks about more than casual contact. The expression “walking with” suggests ongoing association. Commenting on this verse, Indeed, because we attach ourselves emotionally to those we love, they can have a molding effect on us—for good or for bad.


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Ive had friends over the years that have been (like yourself) JW. Ive also had friends that have been evangelical Christian, Muslim, Spiritualist, Buddhist, Wiccan, Catholic and (once upon a time) even a Satanist of the LaVeyan kind.
If ever one of these people displayed the same kind of ignorance, arrogance and self righteousness that you do, then they would have been given the boot right out of my life there and then.

I still have friends of a religious persuasion but not one of them is as conceited as you...that's why we are still friends ;-)
I don't care whether my friends are tall, short, rich, poor, white black, religious, atheist- all they have to be is a decent human being and reading the bible is no guarantee of that whatsoever.
// Note to self: Spend less time on Answerbank.//
yeah foo ludo
never a truer word ( foo again )
//reading the bible is no guarantee of that whatsoever.//
Ive also known 'Bible believers' of all persuasions and some of them have been right bell ends. Others have been the salt of the Earth.
Religion is surplus to requirements when it come to being a decent human being.
Question Author

You are one the many people today, because of having no faith in a personal Creator or in his Word, take the attitude of “let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we are to die.” They had no faith in God and his power to give life again to those faithful to him.
Think about the truthfulness of that. If you seek close companionship with people who think only of the present,
Solomon understood the wise and unwise courses that man take, with their consequences.
God purposed that Solomon speak and write for our benefit, and by His spirit he guided Solomon’s words so that they are much more than the wisdom of a mere man. They are fit to be recorded as inspired words in the Bible, God’s Word of truth.
He makes exceedingly good walking shoes too!
Yeah it's all you good ole boy Christian God fearing nuts trying to criminalise women seeking abortions in the State I live in and it's neighbouring state. It's disgusting. Concentrate on your own wellbeing and leave everyone else to shift for themselves. If we're wrong we'll have a long time in hell to mull that over and if we're right you'll be the one down there.
Sorry Zacs you weren't there when I started typing :) x
goodlife - you remain, as you have always been, one of the most joyless, miserable, fearful, condescending, lecturing posters in the history of this site.

I type this for my benefit, because experience tells me that you will ignore it.

But even this few seconds has made me feel better, which puts me streets ahead of you already.

Tomorrow is likely to be a beautiful day, give yourself a day off from the verbal flagellation and go for a nice long walk.
In fairness Andy surely gf can have the life he chooses, I don’t see his thread being offensive or breaking any rules. Those of us who don’t enjoy/ agree with his posts can just ignore . .?
anne - // In fairness Andy surely gf can have the life he chooses, I don’t see his thread being offensive or breaking any rules. Those of us who don’t enjoy/ agree with his posts can just ignore . .? //

Your even-handedness does you credit, but I have never been one who can stand back and be lectured and talked down to - it pushes my buttons, and it makes me feel better to respond, even though long experience tells me that goodlife, in common with the other religious broadcasters on the site, will take lots of no notice.
I wouldn't mind Goodlife at all if he actually debated a point himself but all he does is post copy and paste Bible quotes which as a stand alone MO makes no sense.
Andy, I don’t see his posts like lectures, I rarely read them.
They are always evangelical Anne, seeking to threaten non Christians with some eternal damnation if they don't tow the Christian line. I have plenty of Christian friends who are quite charming and never do that, so I'm not sure why he feels the need and then won't answer any questions put to him.
The one walking with the wise MAY become wise, but the one who has dealings with the stupid MAY fare badly (except that a fool and gheir money are supposedly soon parted).

Anyway, good advice. Don't walk with those who rely on blind faith, walk with those who believe in things tested until proven beyond reasonable doubt as they have knowledge that they may impart.
THEIR !!!!!
Question Author
The Bible is the Book of Life! Just like an instruction book for an appliance, it helps us in daily life. Like my original quote from Proverbs. If you walk with wise people you will become wise and not stupid.

Jesus always referred to the scriptures. This is why I use the Bible. The information is not what I say, but its God's word to mankind.

As to being a happy person ....Yes I am. Because I have a hope for the future. The Bible gives me that hope. To live in a world where there is no fear, no sickness, homes for everyone and enjoyable work. Isn't that what everyone wants? (Ps. 1:1, 2, The psalmist says this man ‘talks to himself day and night’. This is an odd expression, is it not? But it means he meditates. What does he meditate about? He meditates on the provisions God has set forth for him in the Bible,

"You can judge a man by the company he keeps," has ring of truth about it, for me.
Jesus always referred to the scriptures, so that would be the Torah and the Talmud then?

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