Numerology Is Rubbish?

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Atheist | 18:50 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Society & Culture
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Do any ABers belive in Numerology?


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THELAND, what is the purpose behind allocating numbers to letters?
Who decided their values?
What other constants are hidden in the Bible using the same method? Is the speed of light in there for example?
Incidentally, even the number of seconds in a year is surprisingly close to pi (times 10 million) -- which is a useful result if you ever want to make approximations in physics, but also reveals just how easy it can be for numerical coincidences to arise. Finally, you'll see there are 314 characters in this post.
// Corbyloon dong it for him. //

I think a better bet is Corbyloons dong to be honest

it is rooted in, all truth is in the bible and nowhere else
and the fact that isaac newton spent his last 20 y on this ( and so did Descartes ( at least by day) is no voice in its favour

complete waste of time
Just as an aside, I wonder if Theland is aware of the root derivatives of the words 'magic' and 'sorcery' in the Greek new Testament?
It may be not what you think!
// Is the speed of light in there for example?//
yeah probably

I was assured 1978 that nuclear reactors were in the quran (clearly by a muslim)
nailit can you save my ju-ju and tell me what the roots of scorcery and magic are please
What even is the point of taking the trouble to write a paragraph that gives pi to 31 decimal places if nobody bothers to notice it?
Is my middle name Google?
Am I getting paid for this?
Why the animosity?
//Is my middle name Google? //
Research it yourself...
Hi Theelie !
Theland nearly all of the Coptic texts mention Christian magick rooted in the bible, how many instances do you want?
//nearly all of the Coptic texts mention Christian magick//
*Theland goes You-Tubing for Christian vids debunking Coptic Christian magic*
After he's finished trying to debunk the Greek words translated in English as 'magic' and 'sorcery' which actually have nothing to do with magic and sorcery!!
oh the Magi
um well they were seers innit?

and are important to the Christ story as the magi herald his coming just as the expensive myrrh offered on the cross signals his sanctification as he dies ....
odd to hear coptic in AB's relentlessly tacky atmosphere.

if someone is gonna quip - the bible book of gobblegook is a load of habakkuk ! then you dont expect to hear someone mention 'Coptic' in the next breath
or else I dont

comes in two flavours - Saidic and Bohairic
and the leading text ( an introduction fo coptic) was written by a vicar in Tottenham called J M Plumley. 1948

I bet he .... did it in the parllour - wrote the text I mean

was the site director one before my one 1975 at Qasr Ibrim

odd _ they have their own pope - theodore

Posting on here is for me, an invitation to Nailit, to cajole, mock and insult me, ridiculing me at every opportunity, and never has a positive thing to say about anything.
He is so eaten up by his hatred for the God he doesn't believe in anyway, that he fails to see that his inane rankings destroy discussion, and just make me want to go and watch the telly, or paint dry.
Do wish he would grow up.
You don't need to have a strong belief in Numerology in the Divine sense to know that numbers and numerical sequences fascinate many people.

Indeed those on the high functioning autistic spectrum and others with OCD can find great comfort in the order they bring to an otherwise chaotic World.
Mamya - Yes I agree.
The true magic of numbers is the sheer elegance of mathematics.
Andrew Wiles fascinated me, his story of Fermat.
Simply beautiful.
Numbers can be interesting but to say someone has particular traits based only on the arbitrary attribution of values to letters in their name is a different matter.
Yes, it is total rubbish and Bullsh*t !!

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Numerology Is Rubbish?

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